12/14/2012 04:43 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2013

Colorado Leads Again!

It was recently reported that Colorado is #1 again for female representation at the State Capitol. This is something Colorado should continue to be proud of. What some people might not know is that female leadership goes even deeper at the Colorado State Capitol. The Senate has announced the new leadership and five of the six leadership positions held in the Senate majority are women. Senator Morgan Carroll is the first female Democratic Senate majority leader and is only the second female Senate majority leader with Norma Anderson as the first back in 2003.

On the other side of the Capital, incoming speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino did a good job appointing women to leadership positions to Colorado's House of Representatives. Of 11 committees, eight are chaired by women, five are co-chaired by women which means out of 22 appointments, 13 are women. That's about 51 percent representation, which actually matches the 51 percent of the population women make up in the country. Don't you just love math?

It's nice to see leadership of both the Colorado House and Senate side, putting women where they belong -- in charge. Next up, electing Colorado's first ever female governor and senator!