12/19/2014 04:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why This Mompreneur Is Taking an Entire Month Off and Why You Might Want to Do The Same

I remember when I worked for a small business the HR department would send me gentle reminders throughout the year to use my vacation leave.

But when you're an entrepreneur, there's no such thing as use it or lose it vacation time. Being an entrepreneur is pretty much a 24/7 job. Add being a mother into the mix, you've got another 24/7 job on your plate.

Burnout can happen to any of us, super moms and successful entrepreneurs are not immune.

I teach how to prevent this kind of stuff on a daily basis. I've simplified my life down to be filled with 100% meaningful and purposeful people, tasks, events, etc. I live, breathe, preach and walk this self-care, simplifying life & business stuff and yet I even need reminders to take a break.

Just because I'm a coach, I'm certainly not immune to burnout. In fact, I feel I'm even more sensitive to too much on my plate. I crave space and simplicity. So when that's lacking, I suffer.


Now, probably like a lot of other moms and entrepreneurs it doesn't always come naturally for us to just stop working and put a pause to the things we do everyday. We have a lot to do, I get it. So instead we carry on and receive subtle signs we need a break:

  • We might get impatient with our kids.
  • We might be losing our energy earlier in the day.
  • We might begin questioning our ability to running a business alongside growing a family.
  • We might get short and cranky with those who love us the most.
  • And we might just want to be left alone.

Now these are subtle signs the Universe grants us. It's like the gentle reminder from our Universe's HR department that we need to use some vacation leave.

And if we listen to these signs and take the proper action, we feel great.

However if we ignore these signs, we tend to get a much larger sign that will most likely knock us on our feet and FORCE us out of work. Whether it be a cold, the flu, more stress, major burnout, exhaustion or what have it, the Universe is powerful. If we don't take the time to listen to the subtle signs, we're sure to get a more powerful, clear sign soon.

So that's exactly why I'm taking an entire month off. Starting today. I've seen the signs in my life and I've decided to listen to them.

Everything in my business will be put on pause until the New Year, except a few 1:1 sessions. I'll be putting up my feet, hitting the gym, reading more, relaxing more, spending time with my daughter, dreaming big for the New Year and maybe I'll even break out my big 2015 goals with some strategic planning.

But more than just not working I'm giving myself permission to take care of myself. To nourish my soul and recharge. I'll remind myself that I deserve this break. It's about taking time off with absolutely no guilt.

And really, what better month to pick things back up full speed than in January??

So here they are, listed in plain view, the many reasons why I'm taking an entire month off ... and maybe even why you should, too.

  • Because I've been working hard, non-stop for 11 months straight this year with no vacation.
  • Because I want the chance to sleep more and relax indoors with my daughter.
  • Because I need to take better care of myself and take time to do nothing.
  • Because in January, I want to come back refreshed, revived and ready to fall deeper in love with my beautiful business.
  • Because a huge value of mine is freedom, why not embrace it?
  • Because I can.

Now you could get down to the bottom of this post and be thinking to yourself, "Ya okay, Katie. I can't just take a month off at the drop of a hat. I have stuff to do."

I hear you, I really do. I had fears of my own when I was going to make this leap. But let me ask you, why can't you? What is it that's preventing you? Is it your to-do list or fear?

If you're receiving signs from the Universe you need a break, maybe you can't take that full month off. But what will you be doing instead. How will you honor yourself and your craving for simplicity while honoring your business?

If you really want to dive into this and learn how to create this kind of space and simplicity in your life, I'd love to support you with some individualized support. Click here and let's connect.