02/13/2013 10:59 am ET Updated Apr 15, 2013

The ABCs of Money Is a Book Every Woman Should Love

This is straightforward advice your mother never told you.

Let me be clear, Natalie Pace's book The ABCs of Money is not for women only. But I think women will love this book. Why? I think many women get themselves in financial trouble simply because they have never really understood the consequences of their financial decisions. It's something their mother (or father) never shared with them. Natalie Pace makes understanding the use and misuse of money as simple as ABC. Natalie's book is filled with practical and achievable advice for people who have gotten themselves into a bit of a debt problem and can see no way out.

Call it common sense if you will. Natalie Pace outlines the 10-step plan for getting out of debt. It is filled with concrete step by step solutions. The first step is to pay yourself first. Credit counseling services will not give you this sound advice -- counter to what one might think would help you to pay off debt, but Natalie stresses that securing your future by saving is a key first step to getting debt relief.

There are many other practical solutions to debt problems Natalie Pace offers to readers. How to dig out of an underwater mortgage, how credit cards compound debt and how to dig out. She underscores the true value of compounding saving instead of debt and how this frees you from financial ruin.

Natalie's advice does not require you to get an accounting degree to understand or implement. She carefully relates it all to everyday main street situations. This is why I recommend the book to women. Easy to read , easy to grasp and easy to implement. After that, we have more time for the things we love: family, friends and shopping with the "let's have fun" budget she helps us all to construct.