The Melodies and Soundtracks That Make Up Our Lives

Soundtrack Sample Example:

Ever hear a song that brings you back to the childhood beach you designed Disney worthy castles upon? (Here Comes the Sun/The Beatles). Or the song that marked your first kiss? (Come Sail Away/Styx). Your First Lip Synch contest tune (Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen), your second (S.O.S./ ABBA). Remember that one? Or the theme song to your very first heartbreak? (Don't Give Up on Us/David Soul). The notes to your first sampling of a little mind altering substance (Another Brick in the Wall/Pink Floyd), lounging on a bean bag in your best freind's rec room staring at the celling wall. The oh so awkward Junior High Dance DJ selected record, song two, side two (Last Dance/Donna Summer). The much anticipated High School Dance last request of the night, always, crossing your fingers you would end up with your crush and not the nose picker in the back of Geometry I (Stairway to Heaven/Led Zeppelin). And the finale curtain of a long school year and days of summer ahead melody, the Last Day of Class (Joy to You and Me/Three Dog Night) until after Labor Day weekend. The first jerky attempt at driving with a stick shift and car stereo blaring (Talk to You Later/The Tubes). The I-need-time-alone song (In My Room/Yaz). The I Can Do It notes, even if the odds are not lookin' so good (This Little Light of Mine/Gospel Dream). A bit of a glimpse of Playlist Season 1 of my life. What are some of your Life Soundtrack songs so far?

The reverie a melody can bring us to in a few bars astounds me in that the music touches a piece of our past that we may have filed away for many years and the feelings pop back into our systems almost instantaneously. There are certain soundtrack-of-our-life moments that remind us of the past chapters of our story that have been treasure buried. It is as if we are programmed with the notes that invoke particular emotions once the music dances in our ears once again. Encore and we are back to back then, and this can happen in just one note. These notes vibrate within our cells waiting to be tuned back in. The traveling with us symphony of songs we collect along the way can help us remember who we are and where were wish to go.

Exposure to new music and our classic throwbacks are just a fore-fingeprint press away at all times. Who would have thought that we would have machines (my mammas word for Smart Phones) that have the capacity to hold for us a symphony of music selection from Jimmy Buffett to Yo-Yo Ma that we tuck into our palms and pockets with the astounding ability to move us deeply and transform us instantly. A new soundtrack a few clicks away.

Name that tune. Your tune. The tune of you. The soundtrack to your past, present, and future life chapters can easily be collected and stored. What are the highlighted to music chapters of your story thus far? If you have a bit of time, usually this takes 30-60 minutes, as I suggest to my clients, create a list of definitive moments in your life and listen for the song that teams up with the moment and write them down. What are the songs that illustrate the life you are creating now?

Music is meaningful. It can inspire us to run, to cry, to lift, to pause, to kick f*cking ass, to believe. What power and what possibility the soundtrack of our lives mirrors back to us. When we have heartache we must avoid most music genres except heavy metal unless we just need to keep the tears flowing to let the grief drain out. When we need to pay the bills, clean the garage we need a bit of a lift. What song would you pick to lift you up? To inspire you to make the call? Quit the job? Sign up for Tinder? The song you need to hear to break your own heart just enough to open you up just a little more? The music that will remind you that your life is pretty fantastic despite the crap you have to deal with right now?

The day the music died a couple of decades ago, I didn't miss it. I turned the volume down low so I could cope and muffle the noise of my life at the time. Now I can not think of a single tune my DJ could spin that would invoke a memory of that slice of time. I really needed quiet. I've got the power back on and unabashedly diving into the music once again,thankfully. The themes of my life Right here, Right now? Love and Purposeful Work. That's it, two ambitions driving me. The music has held my heart on the way to receiving both of late. The journey to love second time around (Bless the Broken Road/Rascal Flatts and Fall for You/Leela James). Learning to play with boards: kite, surf and snow (Just Say Yes/Train). Getting Divorced (Not Afraid/Eminen). Taking Up Lyrical Jazz and Ballet at 45 (On the Nature of Daylight/Max Ricter). Wake up with inspiration Tone (Calling All Angels/Train). My keep-on-keeping-on ring tone and best movie ever created (Chariots of Fire/Vangelis), and what Lifts me up for my coaching practice and writing time (I Can Fly/R. Kelly). My current chapter theme song selected by my intuitive pal, James (The Wind/Cat Stevens). And many more of course. It does feel a bit intimidating and overwhelming to have this plethora of offerings bestowed upon us to chose from. Which songs to pick to support the carry forward in this new territory of love and meaningful work? What is this new playlist going to be filled with? I am still sorting out.

What are the themes of your life right now? What is it that you want right now? What music inspires you to be elevated to the you you wish to be and life you dare to enjoy? The music will help you keep-on-keeping-on, if you listen in.

Thank You for the Music~ABBA