03/12/2012 09:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Relationship Do You Want to Transform?

For the past year, has supported the Ferrazzi Greenlight Research Institute's interest in proving and enhancing some of the relationship ideas I first expressed in my book Never Eat Alone. The goal: to help virtually everyone open up and really connect over a meal: friends, families, significant others, clients and associates...

Available today, the results are being released as the Greenlight Dining Guides. Tests with customer volunteers were not only informative to our research but moving to the soul, from the couple who went deeper on their anniversary dinner which lead them to live their dream of traveling the world to the Mother who found a way to reconnect with her increasingly recalcitrant teenagers over lunch, to the struggling entrepreneur who grew his business because he was able to truly engage and understand the needs of his largest client. Check out my video to get a better idea of how the guides work.

What relationship do you want to transform? Download these simple but effective free tips, which are specific to dining with significant others, colleagues, friends, clients, or family. To bolster our own primary research conducted with, our think tank enlisted a range of other specialists in the field of psychology, relationships and communication.

Dining with Friends

Dining with Clients

Dining with Colleagues

Dining with Your Significant Other

Dining with Family

You can read more about how the guides have already helped people at Don't miss this chance to make your relationships richer, more robust, and more powerful for you. Let me know how it goes at

Keith Ferrazzi is the Author of Never Eat Alone and founder of which Builds Bridges for Human Understanding, Turning Vision Into Action.