05/25/2012 12:59 pm ET Updated Apr 12, 2016

Geek Wedding Inspiration: Computer Love... And Other Geek-Chic Ideas

Friday is Geek Pride Day! A day to celebrate the inner geek in everyone. At, we think "geek chic" is the new black -- or rather, the new white in weddings! (We are a tech company after all...) So in honor of the pocket protector wielding, suspender wearing inner -- or outer -- geek in all of us, here is an ode to throwing a geek chic wedding that will make you the most popular kids in town!

Get Techy. In this digital age, don't be afraid to incorporate a little technology into your wedding day. Starting with an e-mail save-the-date and a great wedding website, you'll set the tone for your geek chic wedding. If you want something a little more tangible, a monogrammed zip drive or old school floppy disk (remember those?) with your save-the-date information printed on it is a festive way to share the news of your upcoming nuptials. When it's time for the first dance, 80s funk band Zapp & Roger's "Computer Love" is the ultimate serenade to the digital-loving-duo.

Say Cheese-y. Where did you two lovebirds fall in love? Was it in homeroom in 11th grade? Or maybe you first set eyes on one another through the Greek mythology section of the library at your alma mater. Pay homage to your love with a themed engagement or wedding shoot that recreates your relationship's roots. Remember the age-old saying: the couple that plays video games together, stays together.

Dress the Part. Gaze lovingly into each other's eyes through thick bottle cap glasses that you can find from your local thrift store (if you don't already have a pair, of course). For the guys, a great bow tie and suspenders can transform any run-of-the-mill suit into a Clark Kent-swoon-worthy ensemble! (Hide a Superman shirt underneath and your geek -- and handsome! -- factor will be upped tenfold.) Don't forget your little attendants, too -- your ring bearer just might swoop in to save the day!

POW! SNAP! Make Your Decor POP! Comic books are the ultimate modern nerdy couple's literature of choice. Take inspiration from the bold and bright graphics on the pages of your favorite comic as you design your wedding, from seating cards to drink stirrers, your guests will having a SMASH!ing time with your comic-themed elements. To add an extra dash of chemistry to your already explosive love, use beakers as vases and test tubes for a dash of color on your table settings.

You Are What You Eat. Don't forget to give your guests the opportunity to eat-like-a-geek! Incorporate your love for science into great cocktail concoctions for guests to sip on while they mingle. And a favorite video game-designed cake or Star Wars-themed topper will be a sweet and surprising treat to end the night.

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