01/28/2013 11:39 am ET Updated Apr 11, 2016

Go Retro! Ideas for Your Vintage-Inspired Engagement Photos

From "Mad Men" to Instagram, vintage looks are everywhere right now. And is it any surprise? Whether it's the short waves and feathered headbands from the 1920s or the pin-up girl lips and heels from World War II, these looks are pure glamour -- something that's hard not to crave when you spend all your time in jeans and boots!

Many modern couples are choosing to step into a different era for their engagement photos. If this is a look you're thinking of trying, you have lots of options. You can keep it mostly modern, but slip in a few vintage items (like a retro bathing suit or red peep-toe heels). Or go all out with hair, makeup, and clothes straight out of the past. And don't forget the details! Pose with a vintage suitcase, a dry martini, or a classic car to help set the scene.

See inspiration for your vintage engagement photos in the slideshow.

Go Retro! Ideas for Vintage-Inspired Engagement Photos

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