02/25/2016 02:30 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Having a Competitive Personality

Most of us are keenly aware of our own personality attributes and if we possess a competitive edge or not. Now, the bigger question is: Does it work to our advantage or not? How competitive are you, and do you find it useful to be one way or the other? For many years now, I have studied people, personal development and personality characteristic traits. I have found it to be greatly beneficial in being competitive at times and a negative attribute to have in some instances. Finding the right balance is key, in my professional opinion.

People who are highly competitive typically persevere until they reach their desired goals, they don't give up easily and they study the best of the best in any specified area they are striving to be competitive in so they can also be the best of the best. For example, if you want to be a star athlete, the greatest influential entrepreneur, make the most money in your company, have the most loving relationship with your mate, drive the fastest car, dress the best in class then you must study how people who have been labeled as such and do what they do to achieve your desired results. Competitive people do whatever it takes to fulfill their desires to keep up with status, winning at sports, board games and even the lottery. These types of people are very confident in themselves and the law of attraction are key elements to having a winning attitude and doing better than most everyone else. When you also believe in yourself as much as competitive people do, it sets them up to succeed, no matter what obstacles get in their way. Many competitive people are in direct competition with themselves, striving to be better than the previous day/week/year.

Being competitive also has its disadvantages such as people being labeled as conceited, self absorbed, too picky, full of themselves and not being flexible and sometimes passive aggressive. There also can be a positive correlation with an onset of (GAD) Generalized Anxiety Disorder as highly competitive natures tend to stress some people out if they don't win and always doing, being, having, studying, one upping, and doing everything they can do to win is stressful and can be full of anxiety to a person who doesn't know how to channel their losses and use it as a learning lesson instead of a defeat.

It is best to balance your competitive traits as well as learning from losing and knowing it is okay to lose. Having a good attitude and accepting the end results usually are more attractive and make people more approachable instead of putting up walls due to not winning all the time, using that defensive mechanism is a hard habit to break. I encourage you to know you are good enough just the way you are and always be authentically yourself. Remember to step into your power and take massive action for powerful results!