Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

03/16/2012 01:03 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

You may feel limited by the design and storage potential of a small bath, but watch as how-to guru, Kelly Edwards, shares her tips on transforming an undersized space into a room with oversized potential. The key is to maximize every square foot and update the fixtures and surface areas for a clean, modern look.

When getting ready to makeover your close quarters, just remember these tips:

1. Take advantage of all wall, floor and windowsill space for storage.

2. Update countertops and floors with classic granite and tile.

3. Replace overhead lighting with modern fixtures that illuminate upwards for an ambiance that is more flattering.

4. Give cabinet doors and walls a fresh coat of paint in a light color.

No matter what size your bathroom, if it utilizes the space wisely and includes updated dᅢᄅcor with touches of luxury, it can be one of your favorite rooms in the house!