06/22/2010 09:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

K Street Blue Party Special on Betsy Markey (VIDEO)

Attention K Street shoppers! Today we have a Blue Party Special on a Colorado congresswoman in the left aisle. The faux-UPS worker from the Fourth Congressional District is reportedly getting a re-election makeover from big-time lobbyist/fundraiser Brian Wolff, recently described by the Washington Post as having been "the quintessential Washington insider."

Just what Colorado needs, right? But apparently it is what Markey needs to try to hang on to her seat after switching her vote on ObamaCare and misrepresenting her district.

Fundraising, messaging and campaign strategy are three areas where D.C. players like Wolff are going to help Dem Reps like Markey, according to this Roll Call report, "DCCC Seeking Savvy K Street Reinforcements."

But wait. Markey told her volunteers back home in Longmont last month that the most important thing is the "grassroots campaign."

"We had an awesome field plan, and a lot of campaigns rely on, you know, the media, the mailings, the T.V. And that's important as well, but I think what's even more important is your grassroots campaign."

What she should have prepared them for is the importance of someone named as one of the "top five lobbyist bundlers" to help her campaign.

We called Markey's office to confirm Wolff's involvement and will update when (or if) we hear back.