05/15/2013 06:36 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

Embrace Your Inner Scarlett O'Hara and Declare You Will Recall Your Dreams

"In the measurement world, we set a goal and strive to achieve it. In the universe of possibility, we set the context and let life unfold." -- B. Zander

The Founding Fathers of America didn't create the "Intention of Independence," the "Wouldn't It Be Nice if There Was Independence" or the "I Sure Hope That One Day There Will Be Independence." They created the Declaration of Independence, and thus a new world was born. Stronger than setting an intention to be a powerful dreamer, a declaration is a lightening rod of conductivity to energize the law of your being. In your journal (you have one now, yes?) declare to yourself, to the dream maker, to the universe, or whoever is listening, "Upon awakening, I will recall my nighttime dreams!"

And so it shall be done.

You don't have to be a Founding Father, nor do you need to be Scarlett O'Hara to do this.

If you want to set a dream-life declaration, ask yourself what is it that you truly desire to explore, manifest, and become? In order to make a declaration, you must search your soul to identify what it is you truly stand for, what it is you truly desire at the core of your being.

There is nothing frivolous about a declaration. A declaration is a laser that slices through vagaries, egocentric pretenses, and societal conditioning -- all the way to the gold at the center of your heart. Write it down in your dream journal, declare it, dream on it, and watch and see what happens! (Click here to watch a video about this.)

My friend Felix Wolf, author of the book The Art of Navigation and apprentice of the late Carlos Casteneda, is famous for saying, "Instead of telling life what you want, ask life what it wants from you."

Asking the question "What does life want from me?" is a great way of sidestepping the ego's smokescreen that might confuse you into thinking you desire what society tells you to want.

When you line up your daytime desires with the energy that dreamed you into existence, and wrap your declaration around that, the Good Orderly Direction of the universe kicks in and your higher purpose suddenly and swiftly begins to take form.

What is your declaration for your nighttime dream experience?

For example, you might declare:

Upon awakening, I will remember my dreams!


My dreams will help direct me to the answers regarding my
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Career Direction
  • Creative Project
  • Next steps to take on my spiritual journey

What will you declare for yourself today?

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