11/16/2007 10:33 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The WGA Strike Red Carpet Show

Earlier this week, hundreds of stars joined picketers outside of Universal. First off, thanks to all of them. Expect to get juicier speeches and more punch lines when this thing is over. But I was surprised more entertainment reporters weren't out there to host "Red Carpet at the Strike" shows. Where were Joan Rivers and Melissa? Sam Rubin? Mindy Burbano? Tawny Little? Ryan? J-Lo's sister? I can almost picture what those shows would have been like. Pick any one of those hosts as the reporter.

REPORTER: "Coming over now is Kim Delaney. Kim, gray is a really great color on you."

REPORTER: "Here's Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Great to see you out here. What a worthy fight. So did you see Bee Movie yet? What did you think?"

REPORTER: "Here's Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond. So it's nice of you to be here because you're already rich off that show. How much have you made?"

REPORTER: "Lisa Edelstein! You look gorgeous!! Who did your baseball cap?

REPORTER: "I'm talking with January Jones from Mad Men. What is Mad Men?"

REPORTER: "Here's January Jones from Mad Men. January, compare what life was life for writers in the '60s to now."

REPORTER: "Julia Louis-Dreyfus is with me now. Julia, have you talked to Jerry? What does he think about this strike?"

REPORTER: "Ben Stiller! Ben Stiller! So the fact that you're out here, supporting the writers, does that mean you don't blame them for Heartbreak Kid?"

REPORTER: "Here's Nicollette Sheridan from Desperate Housewives. Maybe you can answer this question. Eva gave out pizzas last week to writers. What kind, do you know?"

REPORTER: "George Lopez is in the house. George, don't you write your own material? Do you really need writers?"

REPORTER: "Bill Paxton from Big Love. I know you play a bigamist on your show. Tell me, if you were a writer, do you think you'd be still be supporting the strike if you had three wives to feed?"

REPORTER: "Kaley Cuoco is here! She's on Big Bang Theory. I see you on that show and you're so nice to those nerds. Is it harder today because you now around thousands of them?"

REPORTER: "I see Diane Farr. (calling out) Diane! Love your jeans! Love your sign!"

REPORTER: "Coming over now is Venessa Marcil. You see her every week on Cold Case...what? Vegas. I meant Vegas. So, um...Vanessa, do you think the show is as good without James Caan?"

REPORTER: "Camryn Manhein! Hi! I haven't seen you since the last strike."

REPORTER: "Brad Garrett! Are you getting taller? No, seriously. Brad, I know you don't do movies but do you think the strike will affect the Oscar awards?"

REPORTER: "Okay, I see just a bunch of writers approaching. This might be a good time to take a break. We'll be right back."

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