10/25/2012 05:31 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2012

New Hairstyles -- Without the Commitment

When celebrities cut their hair short for a role, and then appear with long, luscious locks on the red carpet the next day (or vice versa), you ask yourself: How do they do it? The secret is hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions are easy to use at home and effortlessly blend into your own hair. The best part is that extensions allow you to quickly transform your hair without a commitment or ever stepping foot into a salon. And now, you can change your hair as often as you change their mind without breaking the bank.

Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham go from short to long and from bangs to no bangs in an instant. Here are some modern trends that anyone can easily create at home:

Bangs: The bang trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon! From Jennifer Hudson to Eva Longoria and from Rooney Mara to Taylor Swift -- bangs are going from day to night! Since bangs can often be high-maintenance -- you have to trim them every two to four weeks and take the time to style them every day (unless you are blessed with perfectly coiffed hair) -- there is an easy solution: clip-in bangs.

Ombre Color: Whether short or long, ombre hair color is popping up everywhere on celebrities of all ages. If you want to try this look but do not want to color your hair, extensions are an easy solution. The best part? The ombre effect is meant to look "lived in" so you don't have to worry about matching hair perfectly to your extensions.

Side Braid: The loose side braid is an effortless style that anyone can wear. But, it does require "extra" hair to create. You can add in overall length and volume by simply attaching a weft of extensions. Or, you can easily attach a ponytail that can be braided off to complete this style.

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