05/08/2013 10:31 am ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Congratulations, HuffPost Japan!

I would like to express congratulations on the launch of the Huffington Post Japan. I am honored to hear that the first Asian version of the influential online news media in the United States is now established in Japan. This marks the sixth international edition of the Huffington Post after Canada, UK, France, Spain and Italy.

I anticipate that the launch of the Huffington Post Japan will spark the creation of new values and ideas in Japan as more public discussion takes place. The Huffington Post's approach of integrating news articles, opinions, columns and blogs from various outlets, as well the participation of its readers will ignite new methods of interaction in Japan.

I wish for the success of the Huffington Post Japan.

~ Kenichiro Sasae
Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America