08/23/2012 05:37 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2012

"Last Gasp Economics"

The absurdity of audacity by the Republicans is unforgivable. Their approach can best be described as "Last Gasp Economics" in the sense that they are willing to break the backs of the middle and lower income-earning Americans for the sake of hoarding more for themselves.

The fact is Trickle Down Economics is already in effect. And what do we have to show for it? Those unconscionable, high-income protectionists have not trickled down crumbs to the rest of the nation. Instead, they have miserly parked their wealth in safe havens and invested overseas. To call the Republican economic plan a sham is an understatement.

Make no mistake, they are engaging in a "Last Gasp" strategy, like so many other predators do, to bring us to our knees and cry "uncle." They think they can out last us with their wealth while we work two or three jobs, dig into our savings and retirement accounts, and cut back on every non-necessity as possible. It is a siege.

Forget compromising with their ruthlessness. Do not buckle under the pressure. Instead fight back. Call out these hypocrites who call themselves Americans. They are far less American than they are selfish, greedy, shallow people with no particular national identity. Call them out!

If you are tired, and I know you are, try to find some energy to support the moral calling for justice. We may not have their wealth but we do have greater strength to persevere, Refuse to give into their strategy to leave us with our last gasp so that they can then move in. Move in and stay in.

The crudest thing about power is when it is abused. These high income earners and their Republican mouthpieces do exactly that. Standing up for yourself individually, or collectively for a cause larger than yourself, is a noble undertaking. Yes, it is difficult. But it is vital that you understand if you lose your will to fight, the consequences are far worse than the pain of engaging in the fight.

The intransigence of the Republicans with their claims that high income earners are job creators is a farce. Small businesses generate half of the jobs in this country and these entrepreneurs do not get the benefits, or indulge in the arrogance of injustice as do Republican constituents.

Balancing a middle class and lower class in our economy is an essential to a solid economy. I have no concerns about the wealthy. Those who would sell their mothers for a buck don't belong in our society. Yet, they not only exist, but enjoy the protection of the Republican party.

I'm amazed by the many forms of intelligence. For example, one who may be smart at making money could conversely be ignorant about social justice. I can only explain the Republican party as an example of this complexity. They crave power and are good at amassing it. They fail though at judiciously administering it.

Around the world we are laughed at. What was once unquestionably the greatest nation on Earth is now a punchline for dysfunctional governance and class warfare. At least the British, with their own problems, have the honesty to identify their working class and ruling class. Here, the Republicans cry foul when it is pointed out that classism exists here too. They call it stirring up class warfare. Like the war on Christmas. Or perhaps next even a war on jelly beans.

Everything is a war with these Republicans. And the reason is because they are inadequate and scared that we will reveal their inadequacies. Instead, they come out swinging with mostly hateful and undignified charges to try to put us on the defensive. It's a classic Machiavellian move so don't be thrown by it. We can beat them.

Money may buy them an upper-class standing, but money can't but them class. Gauche, thoughtless, condescension is in extremely poor taste. They should know better but they don't. It's up to us to either teach them manners, or simply defeat them. At this time in history, I would suggest defeating them and then afterward we can trickle down our knowledge to them about living life with a conscience.