02/25/2016 01:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Quitting Isn't an Option


You do it because you have to. It is your life's calling -- all you ever wanted to do. And every step of your life so far has led you here. Maybe you do it because your dad told you that you could do anything you set your mind to. Or because he didn't. Maybe you have nothing to lose. Or everything to lose and yet it is still worth the risk because you know. You just know it will work.

Whatever is driving you, you do it because you could not wait any longer until the time is right because it never will be perfectly right. It's right, right now. You do it because you believe you can.

she believed she could. so she did.

So here you are. And quitting isn't an option. Not because you are stubborn. Not because you don't know when to quit. But because it never entered your mind.

What you didn't expect is the ongoing battle. With yourself. Every day either a victory or a seemingly epic fail. In truth, the middle of the road days of steady accomplishment happen all the time, but it's the major leaps -- in either direction -- that stick with you. You are either celebrating or crawling into bed. You never understood that this effort includes talking yourself into what you are doing, like a crazy person, talking yourself up all. the. damn. time. Looking for signs to confirm you are on the right path. Consulting your horoscope and a psychic or two and even when the entire universe is indeed conspiring -- you still have moments, hours, entire days when you are racked with self-doubt and insecurity. Of non-belief and what was I thinking?

You may know you have climbed higher -- actually made great progress, yet when you look out for a vantage point you see nothing but fog.

For the most part, you feel good. Like you are winning. Because you aren't failing. And winning is the opposite of failing. And let's face it, you've always been a bit of a winner. So that counts for something.

At the end of each week I tell myself I could have never imagined it would be this difficult or I could never have imagined it would be this easy. Either way, I persevere because that's what it takes to make something out of nothing.

You can do this. In fact, you are the only one who can.

By Kerrie L. Cooper

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