05/09/2013 12:15 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2013

Cape Town's Hottest and Coolest Accommodation

Hotels come in myriad distinct flavors: Luxury or Budget, Modern or Rustic, Remarkable or Forgettable, Hot or Not. Assuming good value for one's money, travelers seek out those unique accommodations that, in a city like Cape Town, South Africa, rate as one of a kind. In Africa's "Mother City," the hottest, coolest hotel is without a doubt the Protea Fire and Ice.

As you arrive at F&I's quiet corner of central Cape Town, you'll immediately
notice its unique quirks (those little touches that make you love where you stay). Their modern take on a Studio 54 aesthetic, with strategically comforting colors and a staff truly at your service, assures you that you're settling in exactly where you need to stay. Upon checking in, themed elevators take you on a unique lift to your room where even more pleasant
surprises await. If you're not enjoying your own spectacular view of table mountain,
you'll likely be enjoying your favorite high definition show on the in-wall flat screen
television while munching on a delicious chocolate treat prepared just for you.

If you're like me though, you'll want to get out and explore, taking in all that Cape Town has to offer. Given the Fire and Ice's coveted location, Cape Town's world-class nightlife and attractions are just steps away; that is if you're able to pull yourself away from all the essential relaxations F&I has to offer (I spent hours in the terrace pool working on edits for The 30 Postcards Project).

You'll find that Protea is big on little pleasures, it's how they keep their loyal customers coming back again and again; like the room long fish tank in the dining room or the life sized stain glass clothes hang drying over the terrace bar. There's an industrial strength hair dryer in your room (ladies, you know that makes you smile), and a complimentary milkshake waiting to cool you down. Grab a taxi to go see the heart warming penguin colony or one of the World's new 7 Natural Wonders. Wine, Wildlife, Hiking, and History -- it's all at your doorstep.

If you need more convincing, simply take a look at this -- or scroll through these photos taken for 30 Postcards. You'll be hooked!

Photos by Alan Bamberg.

Hottest Hotel in Cape Town: The Fire and Ice