02/21/2013 07:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Singapore In 10 Attractions Or Less (VIDEO)

If you're anything like myself, you prefer not to set foot in a foreign land without some sort of plan, an idea of what's possible and what's interesting.

I've received many "TOP 10" postcards during the last two years of The 30 Postcards Project and although a lot of travelers prefer the 'off the beaten path' methodology of foreign exploration -- there's something to be said for having a country's highlights tucked into the back of your mind.

Singapore is unique amongst foreign destinations. As a city-state, there's a finite amount of space to explore and the "path" is often quite beaten by the travelers who've come before. That said, it goes Singapore is absolutely incredible (even the airport is a site to behold -- and you'll never hear me say that again about airports).

So in the spirit of "TOP 10's" which have been inspiring us to travel for decades, we present this episode of 30 Postcards, 10 Things You Must See in Singapore!