06/26/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2013

9 Unique Must-Stay Hotels of the Netherlands

Water, Mud, Beer, Cheese, and Art!

Those are the five topics I set out to explore for The 30 Postcards Project in traveling to the Netherlands. Over five hundred postcards were mailed to the project by proud Dutch citizens hoping to share a slice of their culture with world, and as I did my research into how to fit their suggestions into 11 days of filming, I discovered an aspect of Netherlands' travel and tourism which tickled my curiosity.

I'll be the first to decry the hotel and hospitality industry as embracing boredom and uniformity while wading into ever deeper waters of 'nickel and diming' as a business model. But not necessarily so in the Netherlands, where the idea of "Unique and Boutique" is alive in every city and town I explored. The hotels I discovered each had their own je ne sais quoi, their own special gift to their guests, separating them from their peers and enticing travelers' attention.
Look over this slideshow to see the properties I discovered (these hotels vary in cost to accommodate budget travelers all the way up to the wealthiest journeymen -- what they have in common is the uniqueness of their offerings). When planning a trip through the Netherlands these hotels definitely deserve a stay. They can make your overnights as eventful as your daytime explorations.

9 Unique and Boutique Hotels of the Netherlands