02/03/2015 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Spiritual Rendezvous in Paris

This post contains NSFW language.


I've been battling with my ego and confidence for many years now... but the battle with my ego has recently intensified. I've been told that it is because I'm starting to find my feet, my calling, my purpose, my authentic self... maybe my balls!

A week ago today I made a huge spur-of-the-moment decision to attend an intimate workshop in Paris with Sonia Choquette. The workshop was a few days ago.

I travelled from Australia to Dubai and then on to Paris. All up the two flights were 21 hours long and that doesn't even count the travel to the airport and the 9-hour stopover in Dubai or the 50-minute delay sitting in the plane waiting to take off. Then when we got to Paris, the train ride to the apartment we booked.

Big deal you may be saying... well yes it fucking well was.

Also, let's not mention the fact that at the moment, financially, I can't afford to scratch my arse, let alone take off to Paris! But I listened to my intuition. I HAD to do it and there was no compromising, no second guessing.

Now let me tell you something else... on the morning of my flight I woke up with a swollen red eye! If you could see my eye, you would have thought I had poked it with a hot stick... it was bright fucking red and swollen like a flared up hemorrhoid, not to mention it was bung too!

Gorgeous huh?! Off to Paris, the fashion capital of the world with no way of camouflaging my red, roar, sore, bung eye!

I know it's not about the fucking eye! But in a way it is...

It was a bit more than vanity! What wasn't I seeing? What am I refusing to look at? What lesson is in having an eye that looks (and feels) like a red hot hemorrhoid?

Well, that's something I am figuring out... something I have travelled to France to discover...

Why am I writing this?

Because so many people have told me that they are envious of me, that I am lucky or that they are jealous. I know these are just words to use and it's playful like when we were kids and we said things like, "oh you lucky duck" if someone was going to Disneyland or something like that.
Luck has nothing to do with it.

ACTION does.

Successful people take action.

Successful people take a gamble.

They risk shit based on their gut feeling. They know opportunities are open to each and every one of us every second of every day.

Our intuition guides us, the Universe sometimes tries to force us but if we don't take fucking action then what can we expect? It to drop in our laps?! Well if you believe that then I bet you're one of those people that believes in taking tablets to lose weight... or quick rich schemes...

If you find yourself wondering why things aren't happening for you, stop and take a look around you... look at the people that in your eyes are successful or out there getting noticed. What are they doing that you are not?

Yes, they're taking action. They're putting themselves out there warts and all, despite fear or other worries, they're DOING!

So what are you holding off from doing? What has your higher self/intuition/gut been screaming at you to do? What are you waiting for? Don't sit around and wait, don't sit back and look at others and wish you could do what they are... what they are doing is open to you to do too... it's simple, it's just taking action!

Taking action despite the fear, despite the odds stacked up against them. Taking fucking action is the KEY! If you want something bad enough, you'll make it happen.

**Update on the eye... it still fucking hurts and it still looks like a flared up hemorrhoid, but hey, I'd rather be sitting here in a cafe in Paris than at home wondering and guessing and not taking action.

Lots of love to you all... now go and take some fucking action! xx