05/12/2010 12:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Bust is a Bust is a BUST!


Let us not be confused with all of the chatter regarding the status of recently released Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell. True the comparisons are valid and football wouldn't be football without the carefully researched, well documented and highly contested comparisons of one sucky player for another...but let's not get ourselves caught up in the reality here.

For every Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington, JaMarcus Russell, and yes Alex Smith, the numbers are awful and the stories are ugly. Millions of dollars later, they were all bad and it was painful experiencing it as fans. No one should argue or debate such nonsense as it really doesn't matter so long as they're not starting for any professional team. *Note to San Francisco*

Who really wants to spend their time analyzing bad players and on a personal note, who else besides some self inflicting masochist would want to read it? In the end they were/are all bad and there's no reward for being the best at being the worst that I know the entire process is like running around in circles if you ask me. You really don't get very far and you usually become dizzy as a result. Think of the 2007-2008 season for JaMarcus and you'll catch my drift.

So really media, sports journalist and bloggers don't waste that infinite brain power of yours on such useless statistical fodder, look at it like this...none of these players put forth an inch of the effort in their careers on improving this illustrious game, so why should you spend more time breaking down their sorryness when they couldn't even meet you half way? I bet I'm sweating more with the heat on right now, than JaMarcus ever did on the field. *And I'm not even sweating actually*

My suggestion is to spend your time on more important issues of the sporting news day...and that is focusing on who will be the unsuspecting idiots, NFL teams, who would actually take a chance on JaMarcus thinking all he needs is a change of scenery and some strong leadership at coaching to salvage an otherwise useless career? I've read a few great stories on that and they all seem like very realistic situations for him.

However, keeping him in the news just to further dig the grave for his career is painful enough and I for one would much rather use the quickest route and cremate him, so we can all move on.