12/28/2007 05:02 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Benazir Bhutto Died for Democracy

It is with great sadness that our organization, the Council of Women World Leaders lost a member yesterday.

In a world of tailored political messages and issue flip-flopping, Bhutto stood out as courageous.

While she was in office in 1994, Bhutto conducted a filmed interview with the Council's secretary general Laura Liswood, and said that the most basic skill as a leader is "The art of compromise and flexibility. One must be flexible to survive in politics, not rigid, not dogmatic. Yet one must not abandon one's principles. So I would say that flexibility within a framework of one's beliefs and values."

Whereas some leaders send our young men and women to fight while they do aerial and virtual assessments, Benazir Bhutto put herself in peril on the ground to speak out against violence and terrorism. And all this while some pollsters and pundits still ask the question "are women strong enough to lead on security issues?"

Yes, they are.

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