08/28/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mom Bling

In addition to posting here on HuffPost from time to time, I do a series of podcasts called "Fashion News & Muse," which combines my two favorite worlds, fashion + style and the everyman's philosophy, popular sociology. As Arsenio quipped in his one hit wonder, I tie stories and news of buyable wearables with "things that make you go Hmmm." I also have an HP mini series I build on, "Trendy Wendy," which is my calling out of my questioning and pointing to what I refer to as emperor's new clothes. My podcast series, being what it is, often touches on the dichotomy that I have dubbed the Carlinesque, named for George Carlin and his spot-on bits on materialism, what he called, "Things n Stuff." I am equally conflicted and fascinated with the duality of our material desires and concurrent attempts to rise above that in which we love to wallow.

In this spirit of tackling Stuff-with-a-capital-S and in my ongoing quest to redo the maths wrought by a shopaholic nation by adding meaning (or even purpose!) to this materialistic quotient as it pertains to my life, allow me to indulge in a lil batch o' Stuff that is indeed of the heart, of innocence and of humor. Let me tell you about my collection of Mom Bling -- Stuff given to me by my three beloved children:


Mom Bling: Any type of jewelry as gifted by a child to its feminine/maternal mentor/care-giver/loved one. Nope, this does not include the unfortunate tokens (love + obligation - lack of time = unwearable trinket) given by well intended but taste-challenged/uncaring/late-running spouses/significant others.

Here is my Mom Bling collection, listed in no particular order:

• One snowman brooch, epoxied white enamel with black accents.

• One ram's head ring set with faceted red stone eyes, adjustable size.

• One silver color ring with a tumbled green stone glued smack dab on top, also adjustable.

• One gold color ring, split shank, set with a roundish brilliantish light-green colored stone (a somewhat notable attempt at imitating a piece of "real" jewelry).

• Two colored wire circlets strung with faceted plastic beads. I think these are supposed to be hoop earrings.

• One pair of blue faceted drop earrings, purchased at a neighbor's yard sale. Vintage... kinda pretty actually... still wrapped in a yellow Post-It note.

• One pair of drop earrings set with pink and blue rectangular, faceted stones, also not bad...

• One pair plastic dollar bill dangle earrings. $100. Ben Franklin. 'nuff said.

• One elastic banded, silver color ring with green leaf motif, set with "diamonds."

• One silver-colored necklace and earring set, pressed coin motif.

• Two painted noodle necklaces, mostly penne, one necklace is graduated, the penne centered with rigatoni. How 'bout that? One noodle is even initialed and dated 2008.

• Two white pipe-cleaner bracelets, each strung with about a half-dozen plastic beads. Or are these earrings too?

Do I, have I worn the stuff? Well, yes, some of it, a little, just long enough... Aye, Vanity, thy name is picky, picky picky...

But will I keep this stuff so long as I live, to love, honor and cherish it until death us do part? You bet, no question. These treasures have already survived moves and years...unless of course there is some day a curious grandchild or perhaps even a neighbor's punchy little one hanging out with a future me, who takes a fancy to some piece, where I can begin to disperse of it (and yes the choice bling as well), so that I am still around to see faces lit up with the joy of a new, unexpected acquisition.

What's in your Mom Bling collection?

photo by Kimann