02/22/2012 02:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Parenthood' Recap: Proposals And New Proposals In 'Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 3, Episode 17 of NBC's "Parenthood" entitled "Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You."

At the end of last week's "Parenthood," scratching my head as Jasmine's hesitated to move in with her dreamboat doctor, then shaking my head in disapproval as Amber was swept out of a hotel room by her aunt, and then biting my finger nails in anticipation for the arrival of Julia's adopted baby. (If you ask me, Zoe was ready to pop a good three episodes ago.) But on this week's episode, "Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You," relationships took a toll and took a turn.

While Amber quits her job as the politician's assistant, Sarah got a proposal; but not that kind of proposal ... more like an "east-coastal" kind, that came out of thin air. New York City was never an option; unless you count the New York play producer Sarah met a good, oh, season ago.

Meanwhile, Kristina outs Amber to her mom, telling her that she acted out of love for her niece and she hopes that, if the time ever came, Sarah would take Haddie home from an overnight play-date with her boss. (But we all know Haddie would never.) After Sarah thanks Kristina for looking out for her kid, she tells her about her desire for the other coast and Kristina gives her the thumbs up. The kids will be all right, Kristina says. Maybe in that movie, but I doubt it on this show. Drew cried last week, remember? And I thought the rhyme went love, marriage, baby carriage, not "move to another city, in another house with a porch and garage." But Mark and Sarah feel good about their relationship moving forward, that is, until Amber runs to her mom -- as every woman needs to do from time to time -- in hopes of finding comfort from her conflicted work/boss feelings. Is Sarah needed in the Wild West after all?

Someone who isn't needed? Crosby. At least, not to Adam. The brothers turn down a hefty offer for their Luncheonette Studio because Crosby apparently does not want to be a millionaire. But Adam still sees dollar signs. Despite Crosby's unwavering decision to not sell for matters of the heart, Adam has a drink with the West Coast Recordings headman, Richard Gilcriss, while Crosby is out of town. We all know in the business world that "having a drink" really means "get the potential client a little floopy for some soft negotiations." And negotiate he did. Gilcriss offered another number so large that Adam couldn't refuse -- and one that the writers couldn't show apparently. Maybe it was [insert Dr. Evil's voice] "one billion dollars!" The gentlemen shake hands and Adam promises to talk his brother into selling. I don't know, blood is thicker than water, buddy. You probably should've used a genuine gentlemen's "spit" handshake for this one.

But while Adam's thinking about money, Crosby's got matters of the heart to worry about. I'm a romantic so I always root for the sweetheart couple and this show is no different. But these two sweethearts, Crosby and Jasmine, have sweethearts of their own. Committed sweethearts. Jasmine and Crosby take Jabbar on his Boy Scout camping trip with plans for it to turn into a Boys Only sleepover as Jasmine plans to leave early. But of course, after an innocent plea from her son, Jasmine decides to stay the night with him and her Baby Daddy, ex-fiancé in the next sleeping bag. Oh, sure. It's all Jabbar's fault. We all saw that longing look you gave Crosby as he tended to your burn wound, Jasmine. But admittedly, that was still cute. The downpour starts in the middle of the night with Crosby blaming himself for ruining what could've been a perfect family. (I thought he really liked the Cello Girl.) The next morning, the real downpour comes. The camping trip is cut shot as a rainstorm hit the grounds, forcing Jasmine and Crosby to leave any possibility of getting back together behind. Just as Crosby pulls away in his car, Jasmine runs to his window with her face dripping wet and confesses her love for him: "I love you. I've always loved you [...] Crosby Braverman, I want to be your wife. Will you still marry me?" Whoa. Not prepared for that. But, I bought it, mostly thanks to that "Notebook" moment. Show me any proclamation of love in the rain and I'll believe you.

Crosby and Jasmine were happy at the end, but it pains my heart to say that things didn't turn out quite the same for Julia. Most of her storyline leads up to this much-anticipated moment and the possibility of another Baby Braverman. Like a fireman on shift, Julia springs out of bed and right to Zoe's side as she holds her hand and acknowledges "I love you's" through the labor and delivery. The look of pure joy on Julia's face when she first holds her son is almost unbearable next to Zoe's. The painful sobs pulled on my heartstrings just a little bit too tight. Julia arrives the next day and brings New Daddy Joel and Big Sister Sydney to the hospital, but much to Julia's surprise, she watches Zoe play with the baby in the window of the nursery, knowing, without words, the decision Zoe had made. Right when I think there are little to no heartstrings left to pull, "Parenthood" thrusts me into another emotional tornado, making me watch Julia break down in an empty hospital room. Tears. Everywhere.

Next week's season finale promises a list of events that won't fall short to what we've seen all season: tears, more tears, kids and grown-ups growing up, and more high school tunes from Death Cab For Cutie. At least there will be a wedding.