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Advice for Pregnant Princess Kate: Baby Number Two


By Charlene Bert for

Now that the speculation has been confirmed that Prince George is, indeed, going to be a big brother, all the royal watchers are in heaven. Will it be a boy or a girl? At 4th in line to the throne, what will the pressures be like? Of course everyone is hoping that Princess Kate will be OK. She is being treated at Kensington Palace for something called hyperemesis gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness that leads to dehydration. It is a condition from which she was hospitalized when she was carrying Prince George.

The Prince and Princess were forced to announce the big news ahead of the traditional 12 week safety milestone because the Princess is missing appearances while she is sick. She was forced to announce her first pregnancy early as well.

While we hope Kate gets well soon, it is hard not to jump for joy for the expanding family.

While the Princess is recuperating, we thought we'd give the mom-to-be a little advice on what it's like when a family of three adds a plus one. I mean, how different can royal siblings be from those of the commoner variety?

Adding a Baby to the Mix

KnowMore parenting pro Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D. says that she believes "another child will be beneficial for the child and his parents. There is often a lot of pressure for only children to be perfect and for the parents to raise perfect 'onlys'. I have spoken to many only kids and almost all of them wish they had a sibling because they feel too much of a burden." Let's face it, despite the silver spoon and all of that, Prince George, who turned one in July, will have enough burdens. We don't need to add any more!

Timing is Everything

"I think the age difference is excellent", says Dr. Greenberg. "The little prince hasn't had too much time to get used to being the center of his parents life." Plus, she says, the two will be the perfect age to be friends.

Sandy Lytle, a mom of three, said she remembers "how big and old my first suddenly seemed." Prince George may seem like a baby now, but when he is almost two and there is a newborn crying and not sleeping through the night, he will suddenly seem like the big guy. It's human nature- and there's nothing wrong with that.

The Second Time Around

When you first become a parent, everything seems stressful. How can anyone think you can be trusted with this helpless, adorable human being? By the time you have a second in tow, things are much different. Jason Mooney says he finally realized that "everything didn't need to be sanitized." The three-second rule is a lot more likely with the second kid, am I right?

Jo-Anne Coyle says her biggest surprise was that she "could love another (child) as much as my first, immediately." I remember that feeling personally. I loved my son so much, I was positive that it was impossible to love another human being that much. The moment I saw my daughter, however, my heart expanded more than the Grinch's on Christmas and I loved both equally. Funny how that happens!

Bond of Brothers (or Brother/Sister)

Roles are important for kids. Dr Greenberg says, "Give the older child the role of the big brother. This will make it much easier for him to accept a new addition to the family. "

Prince Harry, who knows a thing or two about being a younger royal sibling, was asked if there is a strategy to being the baby royal. He reportedly told the Daily Mail, "There's never a strategy. I think George will be over the moon. I think he will be thrilled having another small younger brother or sister." He also joked that he can't wait to see his brother "suffer more."

The baby will have his or her own special role as well. It's important to remember that each child is different and each needs attention. "Spend time alone with each child so they feel unique and special," stresses Dr. Greenberg. Even though the whole world will be watching, um, forever, we think William and Kate will do just fine. Kate, feel better!

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