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Get Celeb-Shaped Brows

By Cindy Pearlman, Hollywood Insider for

You've just taken the most gorgeous photo. Are you going to place it on the wall with a thumbtack or highlight it in a beautiful wood frame? Hollywood beauty expert Damone Roberts thinks of eyebrows in the same way. Getting your brows done professionally is like getting a mini face-lift. "They're your single most important feature after 40," he says. "When shaped correctly, they add balance and structure to your face."

Get great brows like Beyonce sat down with Hollywood's eyebrow king and asked him how we can get perfect brows like some of his star clients, such as Madonna, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé, without too much fuss.

Q: Are thick or thinner brows in this season?
: "The thicker the brow, the younger the look. A thinner brow makes you look older and sinister. Look at Cinderella and her stepsisters. Cinderella has the thick brows and the evil stepsisters have the thinner brows.Thin brows post 40 make you look extreme and older."

Q: I've always heard you should never wax your brows because it causes the skin to crepe and look older. Truth or beauty myth?
: "Myth! This is an old wives tale. Waxing is one quick pull. If you have a pro pluck your brows you're constantly pulling at that area, which is more wear and tear. The truth is nothing will make your skin sag if your skin isn't sagging in the first place.Sagging skin will still sag, waxing or plucking.

Q: Let's say you've messed up your brows from over-plucking and now they're thin. Help!
: "My biggest selling product is my Brow Gain. Apply it nightly on your brows and it will do a little tap dance on your follicles and really bring them back to life.The product is filled with liquid biotin and takes about six to eight weeks for results. People tell me they hadn't seen growth in 20 years and this has brought them back."

Q: What about using a pencil to fill in sparse brows? We've all seen that woman who looks like our old Aunt Gertie who used to have pencil all over her forehead.
: "Pencil can be tricky. If you have the right shape, it's easier to use the pencil. I tell women to start by applying the pencil in the center of the brow because where you start it's darker. Remember to go softer at the beginning and ending. No one has dark brows on the ends. Go softer."

Q: Any makeup mistakes you see women making that you would like to correct?
: "You shouldn't use as heavy of makeup as when you were younger. Don't use too much powder or concealer as you mature.That cake-y look is aging. You also might not need that deep liner and light lipstick. It was a great look in the 1980s when you were 25; now you're a great 45. You also don't need those frosty highlights."

Q: Do you have any favorite products?
: "I do love Kim Vo's products for hair. A lot of expensive brands are good, but lower priced products are also good depending on what you're buying. You can get great mascara from Maybelline or L'Oreal. I also love Laura Mercier foundation and Armani bronzer.

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