11/19/2012 02:01 pm ET Updated Jan 19, 2013

The Invisible War Shines an Overdue Spotlight on Military Sexual Trauma

I want to thank The Huffington Post for not taking the matter of rape in the military matter lightly, I was taken back by your complete outrage and your efforts to demand accountability and awareness.

I am a veteran, a survivor, and a subject in The Invisible War movie. For others who have not viewed this film yet, I want to make it very clear that this is NOT an anti-military film. The film gives survivors their voice in attempt to help others who haven't found theirs yet, and to change laws in the military that deny victims any justice.

In my own situation, I was dumbfounded to find that the military had no prevention system that was followed for military rape. The only system of prevention that was taken in this matter, was the whistle blowing prevention. This came in many forms, such as, discharging the victim before anyone else in the unit could find out what happened, victim blaming so that the victim was isolated and would comply with unlawful orders to stop command harassment or basically ignoring the complaint. During all of which, the perpetrators are able to continue their military duties, including continuing to rape. My military career was short lived after my trauma, and I am convinced if there was a proper policy that was followed continued by support with physical and mental health services, that I would still be serving with more pride and strength. Unfortunately, there wasn't. But we can change that for others.

The Invisible War has lifted the rug that Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is swept under, and demands change for our active duty members who may fall victim, in the attempt that they won't get swept under such a dark place as prior survivors have. I am proud to be part of The Invisible War, and proud to be a veteran standing up for change to protect my active duty shipmates. I pray that The Department of Defense takes on MST with as much dedication as I still have for military.

God Bless,
Kori Cioca