01/21/2014 06:40 pm ET Updated Mar 22, 2014

Shazam Has a Crystal Ball, It Seems

Anyone who knows me, knows how much this platform excites me.

Last year, I wrote about how Shazam announced it could predict the 2014 emerging/breakout artists from the search data they have.

Now they have predicted the Grammy wins.

It's all about their data-which they have so cleverly not abused, and not revealed too much about.

Even to marketers.

For context, the data alone makes this a futurists dream. Since music is so subjective, it's most likely a way of indicating commercial success; but the more I use it the more I realize it's a way of sending messages/intent/overall mood (so it's a musical status, if you will), it has a robust (although not really showcased) feed to see what others have shazam'd; and I am sure they are building out the back end to offer even more special offers such as local shows info, ticket offers, and maybe even cross-promoting related artists (for instance, "if you like xx artist that you just shazam'd, check out xx other artist").

So when it comes to Sunday's event, I will definitely be watching to see how this plays out for Shazam's crystal ball.

Who knows, in time, we could look back on all this and determine it was when Artificial Intelligence (AI) really started effectively learning our hearts and minds.