09/25/2013 04:39 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2013

Uncovering Authors Through Conversation

There are few things as gratifying as the art of a good conversation. Sure, they might seem scarce today but they do occasionally crop up, leaving us with tiny moments of pure joy and fulfillment, not to mention a yearning for more. In my personal opinion, some of the most fascinating chats I've been a part of have been in the company of those whose passions lie with the written word, in particular -- authors. Such is the reason why I found IIL Media's series -- "Conversations with Authors" -- to be so striking.

"CwA" is a video series headed by the company's Senior Producer & Director d.b. Roderick, one which takes us on a journey to unearth the people behind the pages of text we find so intriguing. Intermixing his love of Jazz and cinema noir, Roderick and IIL Media are bringing authors farther into the social media stratosphere than usual, digging deep to figure out just what makes these people so interesting to us readers.

Because the series is unique in style and approach, we often feel as if we're watching a short-film. I, personally, found myself so entranced by the material that I knew I had to grab hold and dig deeper. So, in order to get closer to the team behind "Conversations with Authors," I decided to venture over to the IIL Media offices and have my own conversation with d.b. Roderick.

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