10/10/2014 10:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Meditating With Museum Associates' Crystals Shifted My Perspective and Rocked My World

Over the years, I have known many people who meditate with and on crystals, and I have used some crystal meditation and healing practices myself. I've also taken a few classes on working with crystals, but nothing could prepare me for the experience of being in Richard Berger's Masterpieces of the Earth Gallery. Although Richard's company Museum Associates has created a beautiful video of the Gallery, it's only a taste of the scope of the crystals and other Earth elements.

Since I've visited the Masterpieces of the Earth Gallery a few times, I'm not very interested in the detailed explanations that Richard provides for his guests. Accordingly, the last time I hosted a group at the Gallery, I spent most of two plus hours simply sitting in meditation and contemplation, and that experience was as potent as any I have had with the most profound spiritual teachers and other beings.

Sitting quietly with a 7,000 pound crystal that is about the size of a refrigerator was profoundly peaceful and at the same time energizing. I felt as if I were connected with something deep within our mother planet listening to an old story that was as fresh as the morning sunshine on a bright spring day.

Recognizing that these Earth elements represent the deep core of our planet, I could not help but feel that I was a part of something much larger and deeper than being one individual human walking through daily life. I also felt in tune with a universal harmony that goes beyond my small seemingly insignificant self.


When I put my hands on the massive crystals, those sensations expanded and moved deeply within my body. It felt as if energy was flowing through my hands, into my body and back down into the Earth, energizing me in a way that also felt very grounding.

Within that space I, more than ever, longed for the peaceful unity that these massive, powerful Earth elements represent. They were and are as alive as any sentient being, and they seem to have arisen from the depths of the Earth in order to help us all wake up to a cooperative, unified, abundant reality in which we no longer exploit the ground we walk on -- our Mother Earth.

May we all learn from whatever is presented to us as teacher so that we can sustain and share the bounty of our tiny, fragile planet.