11/04/2012 12:50 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The Mitt Mistake

Enough is enough. As if it has not already been amply demonstrated that Mitt Romney is capable and willing to take all sides of every issue, the latest affront to common decency, common sense, and community comes in the form of his spin around on the issue of disaster relief. Mitt is more than mercurial, he is maniacal, and his contradictions on whether government has an integral role to play in national disasters shows beyond any shadow of the doubt that he is simply not qualified to assume a position in which decisions have real life and death consequences.

Is Mitt a moderate tragically miscast as the ultra-conservative crusader? Or is he a closet tea-party patriot desperately seeking moderate credentials through a disinformation campaign designed to persuade unsuspecting independents to throw their good sense to the wind? Hopefully, we will never get the chance to find out, for such a gamble could cost us dearly. Mitt is used to gambling with other people's money so the gamble will not cost him one way or the other in much the same way that Bain Capital profited from their investments whether the investments were prudent or not. It is a good gig if you can get it, and being president of the United States would be the best gig ever, especially for an imposter to the throne.

President Obama has once again demonstrated in the wake of Superstorm Sandy that he has the temperament, demeanor, gravitas, and competency to handle the most serious and complicated issues facing the nation. Romney's incessant pandering, inexplicable vacillation, and dubious competence with respect to the serious act of governing has been showcased time and again during the course of this campaign. He is little more than a weather vane, blowing in all directions subject to the ever changing currents of the political winds. And this week the weather vane blew off its hinges.

While Sandy's winds were ferocious, the political winds fueled by New Jersey Governor Christie's fawning praise of the president's performance in the face of crisis left Romney once again floundering and flailing as to what the position du jour would be with respect to FEMA and more generally the federal government's role in assisting hard pressed states, many in the hands of Republican chief executives, who were faced with time-sensitive and critical decisions affecting the lives of American citizens.

Romney simply has no compass upon which to reliably steer the country. He is befuddled by complex problems and has exhibited an astounding inability to grasp a concept of governance that displays confidence, competence, or any semblance of experience when it comes to tackling issues that do not involve rendering bottom-line profits. Mr. Romney, do not quit your day job, this presidency business is not for you. You are a child in an arena reserved for adults.

Your campaign will go down in the annals of history as the most fundamentally dishonest, distorted, and disingenuous display of self-promotion ever perpetrated upon the American people. Your version of integrity is little more than an appeal to the most venal and toxic doses of greed and avarice that have no place in the community of man. And there simply is no place for you in a world which is attempting to deal with the most intractable issues we humans have faced since the beginning of our existence.

I feel confident that the American public will see through the lies, the insensitivity, the phoniness, and the downright meanness of your approach to dealing with the human race. I also sense that your enthusiastic willingness to raise disingenuousness to new heights, as reflected in your adamant refusal to embrace anything other than the most temporary conviction on any issue, will cause those who will pay the price for your habitual indecisiveness to ultimately reject you.

You have lived a life of privilege and have much to be thankful for. Unfortunately, you have learned little and have squandered an opportunity to contribute to anything other than your own offshore bank accounts. You have succeeded in fooling lots of people and shame on you. You are a natural salesman, and I have no doubt you could sell any product, whether you believed in its value or otherwise. But that, my friend, does not qualify you to lead the nation.