05/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ode to Special Interests

As the anger builds
And the disappointment spills
Into a cauldron of despair
Frustration mounts and tempers flare
And reason rapidly disappears
As battle lines become crystal clear

While the Republic teeters
We rob Paul to pay Peter
It's all a grand game
But the result's the same
While the rich thrive
The rest merely survive

Wall Street's wealth
Main Street's stealth
Big bank success
Middle class stress
Too big to fail
The check's in the mail

Does anyone really care?
Does anyone really dare?
Question our leaders' desire
To quell this raging fire
I guess to a large degree
The problem belongs to you and me

Because health care is not a right
And if you have it you must fight
To deny it to all those
Too powerless to oppose
A status quo
That we all know

Will steadfastly not
Expand the pot
To cover those without
No matter how loudly they shout
Father Profit demands
That current policy stands

So we continue to falter
While worshipping at the altar
Of a system so sleek
And a leadership so weak
That dramatic change
Is left to the long-range