01/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Take Action Today for Marriage Equality in New York

In the wave of new activism spurred by the passage of Prop 8 in California, some very creative tactics have emerged. One such tactic has been promoted by New York City activist, Jeff Campagna. He has been working to ensure that Sen. Malcolm Smith is elected the Majority Leader of the New York Senate.

As quick background, millions of dollars were poured into the State Senate races in New York with the promise that they would provide marriage equality via legislative action. This would be a first. It would also be the next big step towards achieving equality for LGBT people. However, following the election, which provided Democrats with a majority in the NY State Senate, three opponents of marriage equality have threatened to withhold support from Senator Malcolm Smith. They have become known as the gang of three.

During the protest organized by at New York City Hall, Campagna urged the protesters to program in their cell phones the phone number of Gang of Three member, Senator Ruben Diaz and to call his office to demand that he support Sen. Smith for Majority Leader. This action resulted in over 1500 phone calls in one week to Sen. Diaz's office. It had an appreciable impact on his rhetoric concerning the election of Sen. Smith.

TODAY, Campagna is urging people to call fellow Gang of Three member, Senator Carl Kruger. TODAY is Senator Kruger's birthday. It's a brilliant strategy. I'm pasting information from Campagna below. PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS AND HELP PRESERVE THE POSSIBILITY FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN NEW YORK.

From Campagna:

Today is New York State Senator Carl Kruger's birthday. Carl Kruger opposes marriage equality. He also opposes Malcolm Smith for Senate Majority Leader, which means he's getting in the way of our efforts to pass marriage equality here in New York.

Let's ALL call him. All 4000+ of us in th this group, and all of our friends, and all of their friends, and anyone in a marriage equality group. It doesn't matter what state you are in.

Let's all call and say, "Hi, I'm calling to wish Senator Kruger a very happy birthday and more importantly because he's a Democrat and I expect him to vote with the Democrats for Malcolm Smith for Sena te Majority Leader."

Senator Carl Kruger
Democrat, Brooklyn
Phone: (718) 743-8610

Start early if you want. The more calls the better!

And while you're at it, make sure nobody forgets Senator Diaz's number - (718) 991-3161. It's not his birthday, but don't let him feel left out.

Then change yoru status to say, "I want marriage equality so I called Sen. Kruger to tell him to support Malcolm Smith - (718) 743-8610."