02/16/2006 09:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chicken Hawk turns Chicken

---- I am a bit annoyed ----

Well, well, well Cheney rises out of his lair to speak in whispers with the Fox- cousin Brit.

Amazingly, the saga that Dick "this is not a good man" Cheney relays is one of fear, sadness, grief, shock, disbelief, at of all things, his own suffering at having witnessed his friend fall in the line of duty, err, hunting for little critters.

"It's a day that I'll never forget," said the Dick who also gave us our own monstrous memories. "We know Saddam has WMD," is surely a nightmare none of us will forget.

But let's explore this recent catharsis, brought to us by buckets of tax payer funds. Now call me old-fashioned, but if I shot someone, I would no doubt attempt to recall, remember it, hell, I would think that such a thing would be a constant pellet in the old noggin. So one can see how stating the obvious, as disturbing as it is for someone to have to state the obvious in such a situation, is really the heart-felt spin of choice worthy of a Fox appearance.

However, such heart-wrenching moments did not stop the Cheney camp from blaming the victim for whom Dick has such self-declared high regard.

Is it not just like a perpetrator to blame the victim?

If I was out hunting and I shot my friend by accident, or even an enemy for that matter, I would be on my knees begging his family and my own for forgiveness and offering all my human capability in assisting them in their tragedy - a tragedy I caused. Would you not, dear American citizen and compassionate someone?

But for Dick "in the last throes of conscience" Cheney, gripped as it were by his sorrow, communicating with the daughter of the man he shot was simply not on the to-do list.

---- Interruption for real news ----

60 additional Abu - torture - Cheney photos were released to the astounding silence of the corporate media, who themselves were otherwise occupied in banshee like hysteria over the cover up of what exactly over the cover up of this?

You think these fine folks, those doing the unthinkable as well as those for whom the unthinkable has become a tragedy beyond comprehension, will ever forget the day this madness started? Not hardly and not ever.

----Maybe a bit angry even -----

I guess we all grieve in different ways. I mean some of us might cringe at the prospect of destroying national security as payback to one political critic over the concerns of the rest of the nation.

Or some of us might find it difficult to send others to die for something we knew to be a lie, help sell it as the truth, and then destroy life after life to help perpetuate the myth.

Some of us might not have the stomach for the torture and rape of POWs, because we might find such things to be immoral. But then again, thank god most of us are not Dick and thank god at least some of us are not in his line of fire, yet.

One can hear the sorrow and regret in Dick's voice, the guilt, the trauma, counseling will no doubt soon follow, per instructions of the Rendon Group or maybe the Lincoln Group. Will Dick be told to roll up his sleeves or whatever one has to do to look convincingly engulfed by strenuous guilt, like Brown of the "blue shirt short sleeves" clan?

Does it really matter?

---- Interruption for real news ----

The CIA's, unreleased, damage assessment post Cheney- hit shows "severe damage" to people and CIA operations to adequately track nuclear proliferation exactly where? Right! You think Valerie Wilson might ever forget the organized injury done to her, her family, and in general does anyone think we will forget that our national security has been compromised by the Vice President of the United States in order to cover up an illegal war? Does the obvious need to be stated?


---- Fury Rising ------

Does it really matter?

Like the illegal domestic spying programs running out of Cheney's office, or any number of questionable if not extra-legal activities running out of the White House as a whole and the right side of Congress en mass, does it really matter at the end of the day that the Vice President of the United States shot someone by accident when no one seems to care that he obstructed justice to cover it up? Better still, does anyone really care that tax paid "public" servants such as the Secret Service prize the value of giving "their" man political cover over the value of the law under which they are to operate?

Just like with all the other laws thrown to the wind, what is called for here is only that the selling of the product be believable, not reality, nor honesty, accountability or anything remotely resembling a government operating by the rules and standards of a Democracy.

---- Interruption for real news ----

The terror suspect list has risen to an astonishing 325,000. It appears the US is infested with terrorists including such threats as journalists, professors, scientists, and other enemies of the state:

Because if there were checks and balances, like in a Democracy, the Senate would fully investigate the illegal NSA spy program that Dick and George have used for god knows what. Or not!

----Boiling over rage ----

I suppose national security will be incorporated into this masquerade quite soon. Perhaps Dick will weep as he remembers the events of 911 or some other chicken shit thing a chicken shit does when he is afraid of a lone camera.

The first volley comes in the form of Dick nestled safely in the Fox womb, conducting his moral enema for the base and base alone with Brit to help along should Dick's memory go a bit off the talking points.

---- Interruption for real news ----

One lone voice stands against the Patriot Act, again, just like last time, just one.

And public land, our land, is being auctioned off to the fine energy folks so that the Bush administration can raise $800 million, without ever having to have explained $9.9 billion in missing tax payer money.

And Rice wants $85 million to support "Iran's Democrats" even as Katrina victims are put out into the street.

---- And now for a moment of really serious outrage ---

If the Bush administration is going to violate us on a daily basis, while Congress stands by in peep show fashion and watches, can we at least be released from the forced theatrics of good faith and pity pimping?

We have the injury, do we have to have the insult also? But then again, anyone sadistic enough to encourage, if not directly order, the kinds of abuses seen in those photos is very much sadistic enough to rape us and then use our own money to sell us the notion that we should feel sorry for them.. Yes, $1.4 billion - our money - to sell us propaganda. The pity should be for whom then?

We don't need the Hallmark melodrama in which Dick plays the noble friend who grieves in guilt and silence, the dear fellow. The reality is, Dick sent thousands to die and thousands to kill and thousands have come back in pieces of body and mind to the stench of the medical bills that Dick helped stiff them with. Surely things that will never be forgotten by them and their families. Do we have to really state he obvious?

This man, who sent so many to their deaths for his own profit, could not locate a kernel of courage with which to face the public over a hunting accident? He had to pre-record his explanation and for one news outlet only? My god, what a coward!

Pity for Cheney? The sudden honesty of Cheney? The tortured guilt of Cheney?

Do we need further proof that there is no decency left to be had?