08/05/2012 04:46 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2012

Republican Cuts Hit Middle Class Pockets

Republicans continuously campaign on cutting government and cutting taxes with no mention of the consequences of their actions. In fact many of their cuts can lead to fees and other cost increases that are really just taxes on the middle and working class.

One recent cut has been the cut in the maximum benefit for TransitChecks. The Republicans have cut this benefit almost in half. Therefore if you are like me, and take both a commuter train and a subway, your benefit that used to cover your commute now covers only half of it. For me this is an additional "tax" of over $1,000 per year in additional commuting costs. In the name of protecting tax cuts for the rich, the Republicans are cutting a valuable program that not only helps middle class commuters but also the environment by encouraging use of mass transit. The good news is that Senator Chuck Schumer is working to restore this benefit to its full level and has gotten a bill to this through the Senate Finance Committee. This should get support from throughout the country from people who need some relief from high commuting costs and quickly pass the Senate and the House.

This is just one example of how the types of spending cuts advocated by the Republicans and their Tea Party allies hurt working Americans. Already cuts in many services are trickling down to the local level and forcing cuts in police, fire and other essential services. Also, property taxes have to be increased to cover municipal deficits caused by these cuts. It is a partnership between people and government that makes our society prosper. The Republicans want to get take government out of the partnership, don't know how we can shoulder the extra costs.