07/23/2013 02:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Flip for Big Ideas Like Heart Health

If you haven't yet discovered the popular mobile app Flipboard, you're missing out on a terrific way to collect and share news and stories about the things that matter to you. To make a good thing even better, Flipboard is now adding a new category called "Big Ideas" and I'm thrilled that the Larry King Cardiac Foundation is helping them launch this leap into featuring inspiring ideas and important causes.

My wife Shawn and I sat down with them for an exclusive red couch interview to kick things off. Here's our interview.

The mission of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation is to save hearts. Flipboard is a powerful platform that makes it simple and fun for us to highlight visually-compelling articles on how to lead a heart healthy life.

Please check out the two custom magazines that we created to reach millions of people with critical messages around heart health. One focuses on healthy living tips and the heart stars that make it easy for the rest of us to take better care of ourselves. The other magazine features heart healthy recipes that make our mouths water and our hearts beat stronger.

Please become regular readers and subscribe to our magazines. We'll be adding content regularly. Also, tweet me your ideas on people, organizations, and links to recipes that you love @LarryKingHeart. That's the beauty of a social platform that let's us boost heart health in individual families and countries all over the globe. Let's start flipping for the future.