08/12/2010 06:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Twitter Releases Tweet Button: How to Add it to Your Posts (Video)

Twitter just announced that it's giving website operators and bloggers access to its new "Tweet Button." Bloggers and web site operators are encouraged to grab about four lines of code (scroll down for a link) to insert into their posts. If readers want to Tweet about that post, they click on the button and it's shared,

Tweet This Post

Here's the button. Click on it to Tweet this post to your followers:

You can configure the button to suggest that people follow your Twitter account. By default, the button shows the number of times it was clicked on though that can be turned off. In my very early testing the count would sometimes reset itself to zero.

Twitter's "Tweet Button" is one of many similar buttons available. It's not all that different from the one offered by Tweetmeme, AddThis and other third parties.

Click here to grab the code to add the button to your site or posts.

The following video from Twitter shows how it works.