10/05/2012 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

Astrology: Round #1 of the Presidential Debates

Who Was That New Candidate that Replaced Mitt Romney?

Anyone who has followed this year's Republican nominee process, read the newspapers and heard TV interviews of the presidential candidates "speaking in their own words," would be in shock after listening to Wednesday night's first presidential debate.

The shock would be: A new Republican presidential candidate has replaced Mitt Romney, BG (i.e., before his 47 percent gaffe). The new candidate's name is MITT ROMNEY, AG (i.e., after his 47 percent gaffe). It appears that he has undergone a total "make-over."

There is no question that President Obama lost the debate. From an astrological perspective, it might be interesting to review what happened? In my articles on Romney-Ryan and Obama-Biden, I gave an astrological analysis of each candidate's personality: the "good, bad, and ugly." These columns offer insight into why Romney won and why Obama lost. They offer a forecast of what you can expect in the upcoming debates in October. Here is my astrological analysis of each candidate's performance in last night's debate:

Analysis of Obama in last night's debate:


  • He has the natal astrology chart of a very likeable and humanitarian individual as he continues to echo his comments about wanting to build the "middle class," making sure that everyone gets a "fair-shake."
  • We did not see his greatest strength: a charismatic speaker. We saw a tired, unprepared Obama who as reported, "hated the idea of having to prepare for this debate."


  • In the "bad" category we saw a very "indecisive" man who held back on aggressively standing up for his true beliefs or contrasting them from his opponent's.
  • True to the astrological traits of his personality he held back from aggressively engaging in a fight with an opponent who conveniently transformed himself into a new Presidential candidate. Instead we heard Professor Obama -- not President Obama.
  • Rather than "boldly" taking Romney to the "wood shed" for re-inventing himself for last night's debate, and exposing him for dishonestly changing his views to suit debate viewers -- Obama had only a few weak retorts that had "no punch."
  • He played it safe, lacking the "killer instinct," to go after an opponent he should have had the courage to expose to the American public. The contrast would have been dramatic.


However, we saw a lot of "ugly:" a President Obama who was confused about how to contrast himself from Romney.

  • Obama's astrology indicates an arrogant and self-deceptive nature which caused him to think that because of Romney's "47 percent gaffe," he had him "on the ropes" and did not need to go for the "knock-out punch." We may never know for sure whether this strategic mistake was based on his self-delusion, or misguided counsel from advisers.
  • He is a genuine humanitarian. But he has a tendency to project this nature in a "socialistic" way, wanting to help those who are disadvantaged -- while showing a disregard for the importance of how "capitalism" provides the engine to pay for social programs for the needy. Romney exposed this by pointing out how Obama's priorities were wrong, accusing him of wasting two years establishing "Obamacare," instead of focusing on the economy and jobs.
  • Thus, Romney comes off as the "job-creator," while Obama doesn't. In fact, Obama missed out on the opportunity to show Romney as the great "job-outsourcer" by never bringing up Romney's Bain Capital record.
  • Romney gave a five-point plan to stimulate the economy. Part of Obama's confusion and self-deception was that he did not think it necessary to have his own five-point plan to show voters he was a leader who could jump-start the economy and create jobs.

Analysis of Romney in last night's debate:


Romney showed himself to be a competent senior executive who sees the big picture and has a large vision of how to achieve success with specific goals.

  • He projected himself an intelligent man with a sharp mind who not only stood up for himself but took firm control of the debate from both Obama and the moderator, Jim Lehrer.
  • Romney gave debate watchers a sense of confidence that he has the expertise to revive the economy and create jobs for 23 million Americans who are out of work.
  • As I said in my Romney-Ryan column, he loves to be in control:

"He operates best in a controlled atmosphere where he is sure of the crowd and not facing confrontation or potential disruptions. Unfriendly or aggressive arguments unnerve him and disturb him very deeply (e.g. like the heckler who got him to say: "Corporations are people, my friend!")."

  • That's why Obama had only one chance to beat Romney by "getting in his face," and exposing the "newly created," Romney, including the lies and distortions being presented as fact. But he lacked the boldness and good judgment to do this.
  • Romney used his best astrological asset, his personality - to his advantage. It gave him the natural ability to change his mind and shift his position to suit whatever seemed most appropriate at the time to win over many of the 40 million Americans watching last night's televised debate.
  • He presented himself as a well-prepared, organized business executive addressing the Board of Directors of the United States of America. Then, he took control and went on the offensive aggressively debating and challenging Obama at every point in the debate.


He deceived the American public by presenting a new Mitt Romney that had not existed prior to last night. He become a caricature of "Pinocchio," proceeding to deny facts that are public knowledge in order to win favor with voters and boost his chances to become President. Romney showed his dishonesty in such areas as taxes, deficit and spending, and healthcare.


His personality is ungrounded in reality. Because he is so comfortable with self-deception, he finds it easy to disconnect himself (and, be totally unbothered) by his "historic record," of flip-flopping on issue and after issue.

His astrology chart shows him to be someone so driven to achieve his ambition for success and power that he would break any rules to accomplish his goals. That means that even though Romney has appeared before the camera in countless media interviews, making public statements on his positions, never the less, he is very comfortable reversing his positions and claiming to be a proponent of something entirely different than he has said, for the record, in the past.

What Lies Ahead in the Future Romney-Obama Debates?

  1. Expect the gloves to come off at the next presidential debate. President Obama goes on the offensive and will come out swinging realizing that he is no longer in the lead.
  2. If he goes on the attack exposing Romney's weaknesses such as his time at Bain Capital, his 47 percent gaffe, and his blatant dishonesty "with a distinguished record of flip-flopping," on issues -- Romney will become flustered, misspeak and make off-the-cuff remarks that will be expose his true beliefs.
  3. They will both clash on the debate stage with each candidate throwing mean "verbal" punches at the other. Expect fireworks, even dirty tactics, and a huge battle between the two of them for "control" of the debate.
  4. Romney's astrology from mid-October until well after the election is filled with upset and misfortune suggesting that something goes radically wrong in October. This may be linked to unexpected and unflattering new information about him, along with his upsetting performances at the debates.

This suggests to me that the next two debates do not go as well for the "new" Mitt Romney as the first one.

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