09/27/2012 12:25 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

How Will the Sept. 29 Full Moon Affect Your Home, Finances and World Peace?

On June 19 I wrote about "The Planetary Event: How It May Change Your Life." This event was related to the powerful interaction of two planets: Uranus and Pluto. They are in very stressful and dangerous relationship to each other seven times over the next three years.

History tells us that we must pay attention to them. They have occurred in this cycle pattern, four times over the last 300 years: 1761-1770, 1843-1851, 1927-1934 and now, 2008-2015. During each of these historical time periods, America was embroiled in a very serious economic downturn, huge debt crises and a resulting depression.

This year the Uranus-Pluto cycle occurred for the first time on June 24. When a planetary cycle occurs that many times, it is always possible that the first occurrence "seeds" problems and events that will be "triggered" during the second time (or, in the future five times) it happens. Imagine someone having his finger on the trigger of a "detonated bomb." Even if the bomb doesn't go off, the first time the button is pressed -- it does not mean that it won't go off the second time they press it (or the next five times).

The second time that the Uranus-Pluto planetary cycle occurred was on September 19. Keep in mind that often the effects of this planetary aspect can manifest 7 to 10 days after it occurs.
Uranus represents shock, violent change and new discovery. It is the planet of radical revolution. Pluto rules catastrophic events, death, rebuilding, rebirth and transformation. It also rules the banking system debt and bankruptcy. Together they will deliver shock, crisis, discovery and transformation.


There is an important full moon occurring on Saturday, September 29. What makes this full moon significant is that it forms what astrologers call, a "Grand Square," to the planets Uranus and Pluto. The full moon could be the "trigger!" It is likely to bring surprise and shock wherever it manifests. What are the likely events to watch out for over the next week?

• WEATHER: This violent astrological combination could produce huge tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, electrical blackouts and other weather disasters.

• DEBT CRISIS: Debt crisis news may continue to negatively impact the American economy and escalate from country to country, resulting in major defaults and bankruptcies leading to a total restructuring of the world financial system in order to bring back faith and trust.

• STOCK MARKET DECLINE: With the full moon as a trigger, this Uranus-Pluto combination could bring a sharp stock market decline, perhaps based on shocking news related to debt, bankruptcy or other depressing economic news.

• TERRORISM-WAR: Another more dire possibility is a terrorist act or even a military invasion by an aggressor country.

The nature of the planet Uranus is to produce, surprising, shocking and unpredictable events. Pluto produces death and destruction. So, it is hard to know in which of these areas you may notice its effect. But this coming week produces a high probability of an occurrence you should be prepared for. Above all, pray for peace.

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