11/23/2014 09:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top 8 Reasons to Say 'I Do' to a Pre-Owned Engagement Ring

Professional Caveat: As the co-founder of an online marketplace for pre-owned rings, Déjà Bijoux, I'm a biased reporter.

Personal Caveat: Just like the hair club guy, I'm also a happy client.
Undeniable Truth: Making the ring your "something old" will save your bank account from being "something blue."


1. Antique and vintage rings hold a glamour, design and craftsmanship that makes them truly unique.
A 1950s ring from Paris? Yes. Please.

2. Better value.
Even worse than a car once you drive it off the lot, an engagement ring retains as little as 30 percent of its value once it becomes second-hand. Pre-owned rings sell for a fraction of the retail price; You'll be surprised how far your budget will stretch.

3. It's a marketing illusion that engagement rings should never be resold.
This helps control supply, but you are smarter than that. Peggy Olsen doesn't get fooled by emotional marketing to women. She writes it.

4. It's your little secret.
A beautiful ring speaks for itself. No one needs to know where you got it. Don't be someone who cares about the Joneses, and if you are, just hold your tongue. Sure, it felt great to brag about those sample sale savings, but it's completely at your discretion.

5. Ring karma won't make or break your marriage -- only you can do that.
Buying a pre-owned ring is like buying vintage clothes or a house that has had previous owners; All that matters is that it's fabulous.

6. Diamonds that are naturally formed are between one to three billion years old.
The concept of one year or even twenty years on someone's hand is a fractional blip in the billions - yes, billions, like a dinosaur egg - it took to form a diamond.

7. Fine gemstones and their metal settings are some of the most durable materials on Earth.
Even a new ring may have a recycled diamond, but it can be impossible to tell because the stones don't show age or wear.

8. If your marriage fails...
... gasp... or you find yourself in the financial position of wanting to re-sell your ring, you can feel confident that the price you paid will be very close to the value you will recoup.

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