05/08/2013 10:26 am ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Broccoli and Cauliflower: A Dating Hypothesis

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This has nothing to do with a weekly report of your produce in your grocery section. Although I guarantee for some, you will never interpret vegetables the same way upon completion. Dating and love would have to be the two most complex, jaded and convoluted topics. Humankind has manifested machines soaring higher than the universe.

We have created cars that accelerate faster than the human heartbeat. In addition, we have engineered phantom limbs and accessories functioning similar to their real counterparts and additional mysterious inventions.

Yet in this day and age, we are still unable to create an explanation for the hidden meaning behind dating and love. What is love? Apparently, the masses seem to know more than the other otherwise bookstores would not carry mountains of literature on the topic; and professionals would not specialize in the biochemistry anatomy of the repercussions of this luminous endorphin -- all in the name of love.

I requested a solution from the universe as to why some people sizzle and some fizzle. What a miracle, just then, that following weekend the answer transmitted through unfolding events. During the same weekend, while food shopping, the boomerang effect delivered and activated an "A-ha" memo.

After accepting the reality of that moment, the conclusion was very simple: broccoli and cauliflower are not compatible to date. Before I decipher this further, let us go back to basics.

In real life though the mentioned vegetables are similar, and belong to the same cruciferous category, with almost similar texture they do not produce the same benefits. Aside from the difference in hues, there remains an abundance of contrasts; the same speaks for green, yellow, red, and orange peppers.

I hope we are marching towards some form of awareness thus far.

The two vegetables love and enjoy their lives together, however just because they share similarities it does not mean they are meant to share the same shelf life forever. Life's events may bring them both together to coexist on the same plate in a vegetable medley or not. Perhaps they seek to display such false advertising that they are capable of synchronization but in reality, the lack of acceptance of their differences remains their demise.

Therefore, the broccoli courageously pursues its life living within its comfort while acknowledging its contribution to the masses and perhaps the cauliflower has yet to catch up or vice versa.

Life is funny that way, because as humans we tend to gravitate to what is familiar, comfortable, and safe. However, when events ignite our energies to something new, wild, and exotic, we are openly receptive yet it becomes an indecisive double-dutch match when faced to choose between the two options.

The choice falls into to two categories: risk versus safety net.

Is the cauliflower willing to accept the broccoli and their differences? If the answer is yes, then it becomes a match made in heaven, if the answer is no, then clearly broccoli and cauliflower should not date.