09/28/2012 12:13 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

'X Factor' Recap: Freddie Combs, An Annie Wannabe And More Memorable Auditions From Episode 6

On last night's "X Factor," we were left with the least compelling cliffhanger of all time, which saw 13-year-old Bieber wannabe Trevor Moran passed out on the floor.

Since there would be no point in a cliffhanger unless we got to see the kid perform, episode 6 wasted no time getting him on stage and performing the completely age-appropriate vocal showcase known as "Sexy And I Know It." But was it good, bad or ugly? Read on to find out, as we embark on the final episode of the "X Factor" audition rounds.


Trevor Moran: "Sexy and I Know It"
As cringe-inducing as it was to watch a 13-year-old kid frolicking around the stage to the decidedly adult LMFAO number, complete with shimmying dance moves, Trevor performed admirably considering he'd been passed out not long before. It wasn't a great demonstration of whatever vocal abilities he possesses, but he kept time and worked the stage, and the crowd seemed to approve despite the creepy factor.
Coaches' verdict: Yes x 4. "I'm not entirely sure that was age-appropriate," Simon noted. "I think you're going to be remembered for this performance." L.A. agreed, "You owned the stage, you rocked the house." Demi concurred, "You are so much fun to watch," while Britney said, "I thought you were completely adorable."

Owen Stuart: "Airplanes"
A 16-year-old student who has written a whole album about his girlfriend -- and is dramatically obsessed with her in that lovesick teenage way, judging by the saccharine phonecall the producers eavesdropped on backstage. His voice was fairly sweet during the chorus, though he was far from the best rapper we've seen so far on the verses. Demi seemed surprisingly affected by his rendition.
Coaches' verdict: Yes x 3, with a no from Britney. "I really enjoyed that," L.A. said, noting he was impressed by Owen's singing and rapping. "It was a really good performance, but you didn't wow me," Britney said. "Every girl in this audience really wishes they were [your girlfriend] right now," Demi observed, while Simon said he really liked Owen: "You're very committed, you're very focused, you're very passionate about what you do."

Freddie Combs: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
"I hope the judges will look past my exterior and give a fat boy a chance," said the 40-year-old minister, who was in a wheelchair because of his weight. He had apparently lost over 400 lbs, having weighed 920 lbs in 2009. His perseverance is admirable, and though it seems fairly obvious that someone clinically obese is unlikely to be able to keep up with the rigors of the industry and a touring schedule, Freddie's desire to better himself was certainly an inspirational message, especially if he continues to lose weight. Miraculously, the producers and judges didn't treat Freddie as a source of ridicule, and his voice was surprisingly strong, if a little too reliant on vibrato. (I wonder if the edit would have been so kind had he been a terrible singer.)
Coaches' verdict: Yes x 4. L.A. called his voice "heavenly" and Britney deemed it "shockingly amazing." Demi called it "a strong, beautiful voice," and Simon said "I don't think you deserve to be stuck in that chair ... I'll back you if you'll back yourself."

Lauren Jauregui: "If I Ain't Got You"
Another generic, pretty 16-year old, and though her introductory package was as milquetoast as it comes, she actually had a great voice underneath the blandness. She had control and impressive range, even if her nerves got the better of her at the beginning.
Coaches' verdict: Yes x 4. "That husky round voice is so mature, it was perfect," L.A. gushed. "I thought you were unbelievable," Britney agreed. "You have something really special about you -- I can't believe you're only 16 with that voice," Demi said. "The maturity of your voice for 16, your tone, everything about you ... one of my favorite auditions," Simon praised.


Jordyn Foley: "Tomorrow"
A 12-year-old dressed in "pink and sparkles," Jordyn was possibly even more precocious (and thus, unbearable) than Rachel Crow last season, and she brought an entire herd of family and friends to support her. Despite Simon telling her he's allergic to "Tomorrow," she forged ahead -- and it was very ... theatrical, as befitting a song from "Annie." It wasn't bad, per se, just not really suitable for singing competition, and kind of nasal. She'd be perfect on Broadway, though.
Coaches' verdict: Yes x 3, with a no from Simon. "You are too cute," Demi laughed. "I really liked your performance and had a lot of fun watching you." Britney agreed that she had an amazing voice, while L.A. said she was a bundle of joy and really fun to watch. "Even though it's not one of my favorite songs, I do like you," Simon said. "But for this show, I'm going to say no." Sadly, he was overruled, and she went through to bootcamp, where she'll no doubt be eaten alive and have a complete meltdown.


We thankfully didn't have to see much of his performance, but 21-year-old Bobby House displayed some seriously ugly behavior when he began throwing a temper tantrum backstage, which randomly included swearing at the cameras and taking off all his clothes, for some unfathomable reason.

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