07/24/2013 01:09 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2013

5 Reasons Kate Middleton Should Start a Mom Blog


The image of Kate and William with their newborn baby boy leaving the hospital for the very first time is warming hearts everywhere because it reminds us of all new parents: Beaming, yet cautious; confident, yet tentative, the new mom and dad with the new car seat, the swaddled baby and all the firsts is a universal image. It takes us all back to the day we left the hospital with our first child -- or children, in my case.

When Kate walked out of the hospital today with her baby, she joined the ranks of new mothers everywhere. Holding her swaddled boy, gently supporting his head as she passed him to Dad, Kate was like the rest of us -- she wasn't a duchess or famous, she was a new mom. She was one of us.

In those few minutes broadcast around the globe, Kate joined our community. And in 2013, the new mom community is a global village -- one linked by URLs, blogs, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. The once-rare phenomena of starting a mommy blog (sorry, ladies) is now a rite of passage for almost every new mom. When moms aren't writing their own blogs, they are reading other mom blogs -- the Internet is a 24/7 help line providing support, information, head nods and laughs.

And so, in the spirit of continuing to blend tradition and her own thoroughly modern mark on the royal family, this is my official royal request for Kate to add blogger to her title: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Wife, Mom and Blogger.

Surely, like all first-timers, Kate will ponder the universal questions of new mom-hood during her middle-of-the-night feedings, life-changing decisions like when is best to start using a pacifier, what diaper ointments are the best for sensitive skin and can co-sleeping foster independence?

Today, I'm channeling all the pomp and circumstance my laptop can muster. I give you my "Top 5 Reasons Kate Should Start a Mom Blog":

1. The King of All Blog Names: The fabulous blog name choices are endless:
a. Royal Mommy
b. From My Belly to the Throne
c. Little King (thanks, Prince)
d. The Duchess Chronicles
e. King of My Heart
f. Momarch
g. Rage Against The Queen
h. Coos, Crowns and Kings

2. Traffic: Kate will NEVER have to worry about meeting her traffic or page view goals. She has a built-in audience. Statcounter will need new technology to keep up. And I'm sure brands will court her to offer giveaways that will make Oprah's Favorite Things look bargain bin merchandise.

3. Mama-Nista: Kate's fashion choices and personal style are always on-trend. Lovers of all things royalty worldwide would want to know Kate's choice for pacifiers, baby wipes, nursing brassieres, car seat, stroller and more for Baby Cambridge.

4. Royal Mom Vents: It's inevitable that a diaper will explode or a burp turns into a royal spit up mess... come on, don't you want to read Kate's Mommy Rants and commiserate?! I imagine the comment threads will be as long as Kate's bridal veil train.

5. The Baby Cambridge Empire: Kate's Mom blog would be an instant brand, providing opportunities for unprecedented cross promotions (hello, Tiffany Tiaras!), community and platform building, social media trending (#royalbaby practically shut down Twitter on Monday), and of course, in real-life extensions of the brand including books, a royal layette, conferences, a podcast... can you imagine the crowd-sourcing opportunities?

Do you think William would ever write a guest post? I've already set up my Google alerts.