10/06/2011 08:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Get Fit For Your Skinny Jeans

By Laurel House

Lots of people stress over bikini season. Not me. I stress over jeans season! You have been running around in free flowing, loosely fitting dresses and cover ups for months now. You look in the mirror and your skin is a darker slimming shade of tan thanks to that trip to Mexico. Well say sayonara to that saltwater-hazed feeling of "slim down" because reality is about to check you as you lay down, suck it in, and struggle to zip up your skinny jeans. No, it's not because they haven't been worn for a few months, and it's not because you must have washed them in too hot of water... your jeans didn't shrink, you just grew.

Jeans season forces you to face the size of your skin day in and day out. And that's a good thing! You can stop being a slave to the scale and use your tester jeans as your way of measurement instead! No one likes that feeling of squeezing (as opposed to slipping) into your "skinny" jeans. So how are you going to keep from looking sausage-ish in your jeans? Exercise and diet! Problem is, end of summer also means end of excess free time as you get back to your busy work routine, schlepping kids from school to piano to soccer practice, eating fast food on-the-go, and being overall too busy to be healthy... which means that you don't have time to hit the gym.

Not to worry, ExerciseTV trainer Chris Freytag has a plan for you: the 10-Pound Slim Down Xtreme, a 28-day serious training system (that even novice exercisers can handle) that targets total body, upper body, core, and lower body, rounded out with waistline slimming meal guidelines. Watch it On Demand on ExerciseTV.

Skinny jeans... nothing to worry about. They will be slipping back on in no time!

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