04/02/2012 12:14 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

Girls Gone Wrong: New Stalking App Needs to Go

It seems my mom may have been right about internet privacy when it comes to social media sites. It's an oxymoron. The new app "Girls Around Me" crossed a line by using information you provide to Facebook and Foursquare to tell men how to hunt down women who most likely don't know what's happening. The app's site explains how it works:

This foursquare-based tool helps you SEE WHERE NEARBY GIRLS ARE CHECKING IN, and shows you what they look like and how to get in touch! You can also search for guys or see who's hanging out at a particular place.

The app is so easy to use: search for girls or guys, browse the map and press scan to begin scanning the area for recent check-ins! See where people are spending this evening. Look at the photo and decide whether to seek out someone new at a nearby venue or play it cool by showing your interest via Facebook!

While it seems like it should be illegal, the app isn't doing anything but using data already provided by users. I can see my mom wagging her finger now. And many people who join social networking sites simply don't realize what information they are giving away. And how it can hurt them.

Foursquare quickly banned the app saying it wasn't in line with its policy, but at last check, it is still available on Apple iTunes.

The Russian developer defends the app saying its intention was simply to help people "discover public venues nearby" despite the fact that the app is called Girls Around Me. He says he is being made a "scapegoat" for internet privacy.

We live in a world where sharing pictures of yourself on vacation with thousands of Facebook "friends" is normal and where, thanks to Foursquare, your every move can be tracked. Girls Around Me is one reason to rethink what you share.

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