08/31/2012 11:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

#Negrospotting Takes Center Stage at GOP Convention

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The Republican Party has made it pretty clear through voter suppression efforts and other means, they have no intention of courting African-American voters, as a strategy for winning November's election.

Outside of GOP AA notables, Condoleeza Rice, Herman Cain and the former RNC chairman known as Michael Steele, the big tent at the GOP has been devoid of African-Americans, and the ones they do attract sound identical to the likes of Allen West, Artur Davis and Amy Holmes.

The obvious lack of color in the red party is what made #negrospotting during last night's primetime convention coverage so much fun. When I was kid, my mother told me Black people are everywhere. And Eleanor was right, they're even at the RNC, when pollsters are projecting Republicans will receive less than 1% of the African-American vote.

The twittersphere quickly turned #negrospotting on it's head, accusing liberals of being racist, backwards and dead wrong for calling out those who dare tread against the tradition of Blacks voting for Democrats. In my humble opinion, #negrospotting speaks to a broader problem. The refusal of Republicans to put forth policies that would make Black American's feel more welcome on their side of the aisle. Blacks tend to be anti-abortion, hold strong evangelical values and we're still having some challenges with the movement towards gay marriage. We also tend to be well educated, connected, while making up a sizeable portion of what's left of the middle class. And if you insist on being specific about who really built America. Well, we did.










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