08/13/2012 05:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Romney/Ryan 2012: Is Anyone Taking This Seriously?

You don't have to be a progressive or liberal to know the battleship the Romney-Ryan campaign just sailed in on is already sunk. Senior Obama Strategist, David Axelrod got on top of the news with an email blast where he named Romney and Ryan, "The Go Back Team," a spin on "America's Comeback Team" which is how Romney-Ryan 2012 are marketing themselves.

Twitter political authority @TeaPartyCat noted:


Indeed, the vitriol against President Obama is so intense, this campaign is not running on any real issues or policy, just the idea conservative policies can fix the economy, unemployment, education. As we all know, conservatives were wildly successful in these key social areas in the previous decade.

Last night during their first joint interview with Bob Schieffer of 60 Minutes, the Romney-Ryan campaign confirmed they have no intention of expounding on their vision for America beyond reiterating Barack Obama has failed. To me, it was a real missed opportunity to show Americans Romney-Ryan is more than Tea Party backlash against the president. Since I'm not a millionaire or a billionaire I was definitely looking for an impetus to vote for Romney-Ryan beyond get the black guy out. Fail. So then what's left in the Romney-Ryan sinking ship operators manual? Hit them with conservatism!

Journalist Lawrence O'Donnell has suggested many times that inclusion of Ryan on the Romney presidential ticket ensures conservative values will be debated center stage. If initial feedback is any indication, they will also be defeated. Hello women voters. All of you -- who stand to be the biggest losers should a Romney-Ryan pairing be successful. Life under President Romney and Vice President Ryan will undoubtedly force women back into the kitchen. This is regardless of the fact some of us don't want to go and some of us are already there. American women are better off if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have zero capability to make policies able to prevent us from determining what is best to do for us. If I'm wrong we should all prepare for some trans-vaginally good times.

My x-chromosomed compatriots should not fret as conservatives do not want this head-to-head match-up of progressive values versus conservative ones. In my experience, most self-identified conservatives dabble in some very liberal social behaviors anyway.

Come Election Day, America as a whole will reject social conservatism. Those who won't are completely unable to enjoy the liberties of choice, diversity, and equality in American life or are afraid of them. At first glance, neither Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan look like they have any idea how to enjoy themselves at a mixed company social function. Mitt Romney's inability to reveal what's in his grocery cart or him looking like a robot trying to convince all of us he actually visits the local market, let's us all know this presidential duo is working entirely too hard to convince the rest of us they're everyday Americans just like you and me. What everyday Americans look like is vast and broad, yet, Romney-Ryan intends to shove all of us into the box of conservatism and funneling of wealth to the top. I think we can all agree as Americans we have a very real stake in one another, without simultaneously saying we want socialistic communism.

That anyone, including Ryan himself, actually believes he'll be Veep is simply delusional. Definitely laughable. Especially since in a Romney-Ryan internal memo, Team Romney says, "... this ticket is no different that [sic] Obama and Biden." This is an urgent and rational explanation for why all conservatives should head to the polls come election day, if ever one there was.

Readthe entire Romney, we're-just-like Joe-and-BO memo at ABC News and decide for yourself if Romney-Ryan 2012 is the substantive campaign they keep telling you it is.