07/19/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Baseball Is Back! And So Is My Pent Up Aggression

Well I made it four days without baseball. Seems unreasonable, right? That I can't go four days without a boring baseball game? Well let me tell you something: IT'S A DIFFICULT FOUR DAYS! Not only did I have to find something else to watch (Sharknado...), I had to make small talk with the significant other, which ultimately turned into arguing, and instead of watching MLB Tonight before my slumber, I was forced to watch House Hunters reruns, and I don't care that a newlywed couple wants a single-family stand-alone home near downtown Denver with too low of a budget! The real crime here is that when I am not buried in baseball anger, my rage rises to the surface and is revealed in other parts of my life; my colleagues and superiors were definitely ready to throw me off a building this week. I was not very friendly. But when baseball is on I am able to dive in and pretend nothing else exists. So thanks MLB for making me suffer in order for you to get some BS ratings as people watch needy kids get nailed by failed home runs during your derby while the worst man ever, Joe Buck, "commentates."

So what is there to look forward to in the second half of the season? Oh man, so many things. Here are a few:

1. Justin Verlander's "Who Knows???" Pitching. Remember the days when JV would start a game, and you watched on the edge of your seat because this could be a no-hitter? My friends, those days are over. I have on occasion dropped everything to watch Justin pitch. I was of course in attendance for his first no-hitter. One time I bought a late entry ticket in the 8th inning to watch what seemed like a no-hitter, only to see the first hit within moments. But those are the type of risks I was willing to take. But that type of thinking is gone. Now I sit on the edge of my seat hoping the dude can get through the 5th. What has this world come to!?

2. The Results of the Miami PEDs Probe. Is Jhonny Peralta juicing or not? Is he really a .303 hitter? So many unanswered questions. And more importantly, will we finally be able to put to rest the issue of whether or not that douche Ryan Braun is a user? With all of these questions going unanswered, I am forced to question every hit Jhonny gets. At the end of the day, I just want a win, so hey, whatever it takes...

3. Prince Fielder Actually Producing. WE ARE PAYING YOU $108 MILLION.

4. The Return of Valverde. He is still just a 45 minute drive on I-75. Don't kid yourself. This is not over yet. Perhaps Benoit can keep it up, and these starters will get their crap together, and then we won't need to worry about him coming back up. But I fear the worst. Because I have witnessed the worst. Thanks, Dave.

And finally 5. The World Series. There are already odds in our favor. We are currently in first place in the Central Division which never happens this early. We have locked in American League home field advantage, which cost us last year (my eyes are welling up as I remember the sweep...). And let's be honest -- we are the best team in the league. While I am angry most of the time, and may want to throw things on the field as I watch leads disappear, I have to say I ultimately believe in the Tigers. It is our year, and everyone knows it. So Let's Go Tigers. Also, #FireLeyland. JK.