10/26/2012 02:56 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2012

Why The Tigers Deserve To Win The World Series


You should want the Tigers to win the World Series.

If you are already a Tigers fan, then you probably need little convincing. Glad you're here. How about that crap-fest of a performance during Game 1, eh? Painful to watch. If you are NOT a Tigers fan, and you don't really know who to cheer for in this series, then shut up about these last two games! You don't know us!

So why should you want the Tigers to win? What a ridiculous question. Answer -- the Tigers are awesome. Not good enough for you? Looking for concrete reasoning? Fine then. We will first examine the most obvious reason to cheer for the Tigers: They are less frightening-looking than the Giants. This is based on purely biased and nonfactual opinion from, well, me. But come on, look at them. The Giants look like they should be cast as extras on Sons of Anarchy. They don't belong in a ballpark.

I know that really has nothing to do with which team is better, so let's get real here for a minute. You should want the Tigers to win it all because they are the only team, in all of baseball, who will reciprocate the love you give them. I know this sounds corny. But I truly believe that when the Tigers play, they are doing it for ME.

I'll be honest, sometimes the Tigers make me mad. Sometimes, I even get to a point where I might say "stop playing for me, because you are playing like garbage and now I am just pissed." But I have enough life experience to know that when you love something this much, it makes it easier to become angry when it lets you down. And I don't ever really get mad at them, they just make me emotional. But I never give up on them. And they somehow get the job done. How can you not love a team that never gives up?

And it's more than just love. This is an extremely talented team. I know that's a weak argument because the Giants are talented, also. We both have past Cy Young winners, we have both have MVP candidates, and we are both in the World Series. But we have the pleasure of having the CURRENT Cy Young and MVP. Oh and it's the same person. Oh and we have a Triple Crown winner. That last happened more than four decades ago. So I guess we beat you there, San Fran.

You should root for the Tigers for just one reason, and it's simply this: the element of surprise. You can't predict what move the skipper will make, or if Valverde will let in runs, or if Don Kelly will pinch hit and win the game (this actually happens). This is why I watch. This team just does stuff that you can't explain, and the craziest things happen. Delmon Young was the MVP of the ALCS for goodness sake. That alone should make you want to see this team win it all. Twenty bucks says you'll have to Google the guy who wins World Series MVP, cause you will have never heard of him.

I never thought we would be here. Maybe the Giants expect this kind of thing. They've been to the World Series recently. Good for them. But WE deserve this now. We are better. There I said it.

I'm just so proud of my team. And I have been there for them, every step of the way. Because they are ALWAYS there for me. Bless you boys.