02/13/2015 09:51 am ET Updated Apr 14, 2015

Make the Most of Office Yoga and Meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation is a great break in the workday. Whether a teacher comes into your office, or you practice on your own, one thing is certain: there are ways to make the most out of your experience. As the founder of an office yoga company, I know that one of the most important parts of having a successful experience in an office yoga or meditation class is to create a peaceful environment to help workers forget where they are. Here are some ways to create an "out of office experience" in your own practice:

Smells can take your mind to another place, and away from the stresses of a work day. Aromatherapy oils are an easy way to create a mood. Earth House Oils' founder, Brandi Ryans, recommends putting essential oils on the breastbone to release pent up emotions that can lead to anxiety and stress. Do this before your office yoga or meditation session, and let the scents melt your stress away.

Wear Comfortable Clothes:
If you know that a meditation session is happening on a workday, don't wear clothes that are too tight or constricting that may distract you from the experience. The same goes with an office yoga class. One of my most popular offerings is a 30 minute "no sweat" yoga class where participants don't have to change, and don't need mats. This doesn't mean that you'll be comfortable wearing clothes that are too constricting. Alternately, if your office participates in a traditional mat yoga class where you want to change, wear an outfit you're comfortable in around your coworkers. Spend your class time focusing on your mind and body and not being distracted by your clothing.

Music or Nature Sounds:
Listening to soft music or nature sounds is a great way to get that "out of office experience" during your workday yoga or meditation practice. If your teacher doesn't play music and it's something you want, just ask! Listening to music or nature sound can be especially helpful if you have a self practice during your workday. Find music and nature sounds for free on services like Spotify. Sounds like ocean waves or falling rain can allow your mind to travel beyond the walls of the office.

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